Multisoft Systems’ Ethical Hacking Training Program: What makes it different?

Ethical Hacking_02With substantial amount of data being used by organizations, threats to the confidential information are continuously being increasing. In order to mitigate those threats, ethical hackers are hired by organizations who undertake various techniques such as intrusion testing, penetration testing or red teaming to protect the confidential information from probable vulnerabilities.

Multisoft Systems and Certified Ethical Hacking course

Multisoft Systems was established in 2002 by skilled professionals from eminent institutes like IIT’s and IIMs. The organization has established as one of the leading corporate training houses in India with extremely qualified trainers conducting the training sessions. The certified consultants adopt variety of training delivery methods to make candidates well-versed with diverse modules of the technology. Multisoft Systems has partnered with numerous organizations like EC Council, CISCO, Red Hat, Microsoft, ITIL, Oracle, and PMP etc. to impart premium learning sessions to candidates.

Multisoft Systems is a registered Education provider of EC-Council. The organization offers EC-Council certified ethical hacking training to security professionals to make them familiar with wide-ranging aspects of ethical hacking. Multisoft Systems offers placement assistance to candidates to help them kick start their career and work with top companies. The company holds a proven record of placement assistance for more than 1000 candidates in top companies. Candidates enrolling in Certified Ethical Hacking course at Multisoft Systems get access to e-learning portal 24×7 and get the liberty to access the course material round the clock.

In Certified Ethical Hacking Course, candidates are made familiar with intrusion testing, penetration testing or red teaming techniques. Intrusion testing is a techniques used to validate the security of the information systems used in the organizations. Intrusion testing is done to highlight the weak points of the organizations security procedures and policies. Hence, the course makes ethical hackers competent to determine information security vulnerabilities. The intrusion test aims at determining the difficulties for an intruder to access the information systems of the organizations.

Multisoft Systems prepares the candidates well on every modules and hence is emerged as best Ethical Hacking training institute in Noida with certified consultants conducting the training sessions and using updated course ware to keep the candidates up to date with latest enhancements. Candidates get the benefits to clear their doubts after every learning session and even 24 hours email support to get in touch with the skilled professionals anytime. The training courses, apart from broadening the knowledge and skills of the candidate also offer wide-ranging career opportunities to them.

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