How Big Data and Hadoop Training can Bring you a Great Career

With data increasingly becoming the key for businesses to take critical decisions and establishing a strategy for the future, data management is all set to become the next big trend in the IT industry. According to a report published by Forbes in 2105, ninety percent of worldwide organizations are pouring in lots of investments towards big data analytics. It has also been expected that there is a going to be a shortfall of skilled personnel to fulfill all the vacancies that will arise of organizations adopting the idea of Big Data. Companies at present are finding it hard to hire candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge required to fulfill their requirements. The Big Data Hadoop training is essential to get recognized and build a dream career in the field of data management.


Big Data and Hadoop Training Benefits in Different ways!

The Big Data and Hadoop training provides candidates with a proof of their capability that they are the reliable ones to take of a company’s data. Here are some of the benefits that this training offers:

  • Candidates having Hadoop training are in high-demand as Hadoop 2.0 was recently released and the need for expert professionals has increased to a great extent
  • With Hadoop being a new technology introduced to the IT world, there are not many professionals who have the right skills to work on it efficiently. Candidates with Hadoop certification get to work with something absolutely new with endless opportunities for a lucrative career
  • Professionals with working experience in Mainframe, Java, data warehousing, etc. can easily switch to a career in Hadoop. Those thinking about career advancement are eyeing Hadoop because of its increasing popularity over present technologies

What is the Purpose of Hadoop Certification?

Candidates need to acquire as much knowledge as possible from Apache Hadoop training so that at the end of the course, they are well aware of concepts like:

  • Data loading methods using Flume and Sqoop
  • Writing intricate MapReduce programs
  • Setting up Hadoop cluster
  • Carrying out data analytics with the help of Hive and Pig
  • Implementing ideal practices for development as well as debugging
  • ZooKeeper service
  • MapReduce framework
  • HDFS Federation, YARN and more in Hadoop 2.0
  • Implementation of Hadopp project

How to Obtain Hadoop Certification?

There are plenty of well recognized institutions offering best in class Big Data and Hadoop training. Candidates who are willing to join this training course can either opt for classroom training or online training. For professionals, the first option may seem unpractical as they hardly have time to attend a classroom training offered at fixed hours. However, for students, it definitely is a well-worthy choice to take their career to new heights. Online training can benefit working professionals by providing them with flexible timing options. They are provided with the same course and study materials as offered to classroom trainees and trainers are always available to assist and solve their queries.

A few Last Words

With data being considered as one of the primary assets to a company, the need for candidates with proper business analyst training is only expected to rise so as to utilize that data towards meeting business goals.

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