How can PMP training enhance career growth?

Complete a project and become a star- that is what PMP trains you to do. PMP stands for Project Management Professional, which is one of the highly sought after certifications in the world. It allows an individual to work in any industry, be it pharma, manufacturing, IT or any other.

Eligibility for PMP

In order to be eligible for the PMP Training program, you need to be a graduate with a four-year degree or equivalent, and also have a 3 year project management experience. The work experience must include 4500 hours of directing projects and 35 hours education on project management. Instead of this, one can be chosen as per different criteria as well. One may possess a secondary diploma, along with five years of experience in project management, with 4500 hours of directing projects and 35 hours project management.


Expert PMP instructors

Any reputed institute which offers PMP Training is guaranteed to have expert instructors. These instructors would have spent several years in PMP and would be aware of how to guide the participants. There are often discrepancies between theory and real world scenarios, which are bridged by the instructors. Students get to be part of live projects, which are extremely beneficial for them.

Advantages for working professionals

Those who are already handling projects in various companies obtain great benefits from this course. After the program, they are able to tackle the variables in projects better as compared to earlier, thereby accelerating their career graph towards managerial positions. Additionally, they also get lucrative salary hikes. Usually the hike is a minimum of 10%. PMP certified individuals are given more responsibilities than their counterparts.

Preparation for PMP certification exam

As described earlier, PMP is considered to be quite a prestigious certification. Project Management Institute (PMI), the recognised body for PMP, published a guide for the best practices of Project Management. The guide is called as Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) and is considered as the base for this exam.

On a difficulty scale, the PMP exam is rated from moderate to highly difficult. As per the syllabus in PMBOK, it covers a wide range of topics. Project Management Training is the best for current and future project managers.


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