How does SAP ERP Material Management software leverages the supply chain management?

SAP MM (Material Management) is one of the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that comes under SAP Logistics functionality. This ERP solution seamlessly manages material acquisition, inventory functions, logistics, payment process, delivery, etc. The software effectively tracks the day to day activities of the business operation, and improves and widens the supply chain drastically.

As supply chain management is carried out as per requirement, the business grows benefiting the Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and also the Retailers. If aspirants want to learn more about this software, they can register for SAP Material Management Training.

Apart from the supply chain management, the software also takes care of invoice management that includes salary, receipts, invoice verification, etc. The SAP MM solution has many sub-modules and concentrates on each of the sub-modules in order to give feature-specific assistance to the customers. The sub-modules are sometimes known as sub-components and they are as follows:


  • Purchasing

Purchasing module of SAP MM manages activities related to the initial stages of business operations such as Purchase Quotation Request, Purchase Orders, and Agreement between purchaser and seller.

  • Inventory Management

Inventory Management module deals with all the inventory needed to carry out the business. It also deals with specific tasks such as inventory receipt, goods issue, and transport of materials.

  • Physical Inventory

This module helps to physically count the entire inventory in the factory effectively. This helps business to decide whether to purchase more materials.

  • Logistics Invoice Verification

This module takes action at the end of the logistics supply chain and it deals with inspection of invoices in terms of content, costs, and math.

  • Material Valuation

This module manages the Material price change, which is dependent on two factors – SAP system settings and Material master record that is created for each material.

To summarize, the key benefits of SAP Material Management module are:

  • Leverage logistics operations with feature-specific solutions
  • Preserve supply chain records that are critical to the business operations
  • Highly proficient ways of managing purchase, inventory, purchase quotation, batch etc.

To learn SAP ERP MM software and streamline the material management, aspirants can enroll for SAP Material Management Training in Noida.


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