How Java training lays the foundation for a career in programming

Wish to create a career in the huge field of programming? If yes, then you can start with Java programming training. Java is the base for several domains in programming. It is suitable for different domains such as mathematics and statistics.

Java is an object oriented language. It is used for the development of object oriented applications. Here Object Oriented Programming (OOP) refers to language model which makes use of actions and data instead of logic. Now for someone new to OOP, he or she needs to master fundamentals before getting on to code.


Importance of Java in industry

So why is Java that important? What is the need for a programmer to be aware of Java? For one, it is one of the most popular languages used to create web-based applications. It has been created for flexibility, allowing developers write code that is capable of running on any machine, irrespective of platform. There are a large number of devices which run Java applications, such as all kinds of mobile devices, car navigation systems, parking meters and Blu-ray players. In addition, Java is also important for networking, especially for data centres.

Basic information on Java programming  

Java is based on a C and C++ syntax. Therefore it is important that the student should be familiar with the above languages before enrolling for this course. Java is class-based and object oriented, as mentioned earlier. It can securely run on any platform, irrespective of the Operating System or device architecture, as long as a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed.

What makes Java a great language?       

Its importance to the industry is not without substantial reason. Here are some of the reasons that make Java as popular as it is:

Easy to learn– Java comes with simple English-like syntax. This makes it convenient to read the Java programs and also learn quickly. There are only initial hurdles to install the JDK and setting up PATH.

Rich API- Java comes with API (Application Programming Interface) for running database connections, networking and several utilities. Anything unavailable here is covered by open source libraries like Google Guava and Apache Commons.

Great development tools- Eclipse and Netbean are two development tools which have made Java into a very powerful programming language. If you have previously coded using notepad or DOS editor, then coding with IDE will be a wonderful experience. IDE also has powerful debugging ability, in addition to allowing coding completion. The Java platform also has other tools such as Maven and ANT, which help in building applications.

Amazing community support- Java programming has a large number of highly active forums. Communities to help beginners, advanced users and also experts are available. Java promotes the habit of taking and giving back to community.

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