Image creation using 3ds Max Vray technology

Wish to kickstart a career in graphic and architecture design?  If yes, then training in 3ds Max Vray technology is perfect for you. Both 3ds apMax and Vray are associated with lighting. While the former is a software, the latter is a rendering plug-in which enhances lighting functions. It is only an extension to 3ds Max, and not a replacement.  Using Vray is a quick and hassle-free method of obtaining fantastic and realistic images.


Who is it meant for?

The 3ds Max course is suitable to an audience belonging to different fields. It can be utilised by graphic designers due to the variants in coloured images. Game developers can make use of this software for enhanced visual graphics. Apart from them, architects and visualisation studios also make use of 3ds Max.

Vray 3.0 is currently in use across many companies. Its job is to add more functionality to an existing program. It has various features which differentiate it from the earlier version. Vray 3.0 affects several important parts of the images. It also adds many material types to 3ds Max. The aim of this plug-in is to create photorealistic images, while also improving the rendering speed.

Features of Vray  

Some of the features of render plug-in Vray are as follows:

  • Full scene anti-aliasing
  • Displacement mapping
  • Fur generator
  • Physically accurate global illumination
  • Area lights
  • Image-based lighting/ HDRI
  • Sun and sky system
  • Physical camera
  • Lens effects
  • Real time

You will be able to study about the details of these hi-tech features during the 3ds Max Vray training course. Different elements of the course are taught by experienced instructors. They ensure that there is adequate mix of theory and practice.

A greater understanding of 3ds Max and Vray is obtained by working on projects. It is only on live projects that one gets to know which type of lighting looks best. There are several tools in 3ds Max, and mastering the same takes significant amount of time. By creating more and more projects, one gets to practice with the tools.

Patience is the key to learning 3ds Max and Vray well. Every designer would know that obtaining the right light for images takes time. Work on more CAM software to gain insight into this field.


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