In a Nutshell: Micro controllers in Embedded systems

A Microcontroller is a very powerful device which can perform a series of tasks in an orderly manner and can perform like a small computer. Microcontrollers are usually packed into an integrated circuit. It is so powerful that a single microcontroller is enough to give instructions to heavy machineries and systems like a refrigerator, washing machine etc. which require automation. The area of specialization in Microcontrollers and robotics is a field which can be very rewarding yet it’s not easy to master.

What makes Microcontrollers special?

  1.   Microcontrollers are small yet powerful, hence they can save up a lot of space and inconvenience.
  2.   Their controls can be modified without having to modify their location making the use of them very ubiquitous.
  3.  They are the smallest units of a project and can help in building huge projects and controls.
  4.  The cost of the microcontrollers is very low which makes them easy to be embedded into innumerable devices.

There are various types of Microcontrollers in the market. Here we will discuss two of them that are ruling the market.

  1. -8051 Microcontrollers
  2. -PIC microcontrollers (Programmable Interface Controllers)

Intel came out with a microcontroller series know as MCS 051 initially, which became a hit and is now a standard for every microcontroller that is produced. Most of the Microcontrollers nowadays are upgraded versions of 8051 family. 8051 Microcontroller Training in Noida gives a complete knowledge for programmers with the working and development of the devices.

PIC microcontroller by Microchip is becoming a favorite    among engineers as they come with a variety of components and capabilities. They have an in-built internal RAM, EEPROM and peripheral hence is readily available to be used in projects and devices. They make construction of electronic items very easy.

PIC microcontroller comes in two versions

  1.  C versions with EPROM (Erasable and programmable Read Only memory)
  2.  F versions with flash memory

PIC microcontroller training institutes provide trained faculty and e- courses for both classroom and online trainings to students.

Both PIC and 8051 microcontrollers are unique in their own ways and have found a huge use in many applications competing with each other. Only a specialist will understand the micro details in which they differ as they both are based on Harvard architecture (with separated program and data areas).  An overall view and designing and implementing these microcontrollers in the embedded systems can be had with an Embedded system training.



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