Introduction to SAP Hybris (Developer & Functional) Online Training Course

What is SAP Hybris?

The SAP Hybris (Developer & Functional) Online Training & Certification Course offered by Multisoft Systems is a comprehensive program that equips learners with the necessary skills to develop, customize, and manage SAP Hybris solutions effectively. The Developer Training module covers technical aspects like Hybris software architecture, data modeling, Cockpit framework, order management, and security configurations. The Functional Training module delves into business applications, including B2C and B2B commerce, customer service, marketing, sales, and Hybris utilities. Taught by experienced professionals, the course includes real-world projects for hands-on learning. Multisoft Systems also offers flexible learning modes and provides extensive learning resources, enabling a thorough understanding of SAP Hybris.

Why SAP Hybris?

SAP Hybris provides a suite of solutions to help businesses streamline their sales, customer service, marketing, and commerce processes. It facilitates a unified and personalized customer experience, driving customer loyalty and business growth.

Multisoft Systems offers an intensive SAP Hybris (Developer & Functional) Online Training program. It equips learners with both the technical skills needed to develop and implement SAP Hybris solutions and the functional knowledge to manage and optimize these solutions.

Developer Training

The Developer Training module of the SAP Hybris (Developer & Functional) Online Training course offered by Multisoft Systems is designed to equip learners with the technical skills necessary to develop and implement SAP Hybris solutions effectively. It includes the following key components:

  1. Hybris Software Architecture: This section provides a comprehensive overview of the software’s architecture. Learners are introduced to the modular structure of Hybris and its extension concept, enabling them to understand how different components and modules of Hybris interact and can be extended or customized.
  2. Data Modeling: In this part, learners explore the Hybris type system and the process of designing and implementing data models. They learn to manage data through the Hybris ServiceLayer, which is crucial for developing customized solutions that align with a business’s specific needs.
  3. Cockpit Framework: This section focuses on the Hybris Backoffice Application. Learners are trained on its features, the process of customizing cockpits, and the validation framework. They gain practical skills to adapt and manage various back-office functions using this robust tool.
  4. Order Management: This component provides insights into the entire order management process in Hybris, from cart calculation and order placement to payment handling and order fulfillment. It also covers return orders and refunds, providing a holistic understanding of order management in Hybris.
  5. Security: Security is a crucial aspect of any software implementation. In this section, learners are taught how to implement security configurations in Hybris. They learn to manage user accounts and user groups and understand the principles of user authentication and authorization.

Through a combination of theoretical lessons and hands-on exercises, the Developer Training module provides learners with a thorough understanding of how to leverage SAP Hybris for technical development. The knowledge and skills acquired in this module form the foundation for implementing effective and customized SAP Hybris solutions.

Functional Training

The functional Training module of the SAP Hybris (Developer & Functional) Online Training focuses on providing learners with a deep understanding of the business application and usage of SAP Hybris solutions. It equips learners with the knowledge and skills required to optimize the functionalities and processes within SAP Hybris to meet business needs. Here’s a detailed explanation of Functional Training:

  1. Business Process Understanding: Functional Training starts by familiarizing learners with various business processes in which SAP Hybris is commonly used. This includes understanding the end-to-end customer journey, sales processes, marketing campaigns, customer service operations, and more.
  2. B2C and B2B Commerce: Learners gain insights into how SAP Hybris enables businesses to manage both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) commerce. They understand the features and functionalities tailored to cater to the unique needs of each commerce model.
  3. Customer Service Management: The training covers how SAP Hybris supports customer service operations, including ticketing, communication channels, case management, and service level agreements (SLAs).
  4. Marketing Campaigns: Learners explore the Hybris Marketing module and learn how to design and execute marketing campaigns, customer segmentation, personalization, and targeted promotions to enhance customer engagement.
  5. Sales Processes: Functional Training delves into the Hybris Sales module, which empowers businesses to manage sales processes, lead and opportunity management, order and quotation management, and customer relationship management.
  6. Hybris Utilities: For learners in industries like utilities, Functional Training covers the Hybris Utilities module, addressing specific requirements like device management, billing, contract management, and customer self-service.
  7. End-to-End Integration: Learners understand the integration points between different modules of SAP Hybris to ensure seamless data flow and a unified view of customer data across the organization.
  8. Customization and Configuration: Functional Training enables learners to configure SAP Hybris to match business requirements, including defining data models, workflows, rules, and business logic.
  9. Business Analytics and Reporting: Learners explore how to generate reports and utilize business analytics tools in SAP Hybris to gain insights into customer behavior, sales performance, and marketing effectiveness.

Functional Training emphasizes a business-centric approach to SAP Hybris, enabling learners to align technology with real-world business scenarios. It equips professionals with the expertise needed to drive customer satisfaction, boost sales, and improve overall business efficiency using SAP Hybris solutions.


The SAP Hybris (Developer & Functional) Online Training offered by Multisoft Systems is a game-changer for individuals aspiring to excel in the digital commerce arena. The course provides a holistic learning experience, empowering learners with both technical and functional expertise in SAP Hybris solutions.  By enrolling in this corporate training, professionals can open up a world of career opportunities in diverse industries, driving customer engagement, sales growth, and operational efficiency. As businesses increasingly prioritize seamless customer experiences, proficiency in SAP Hybris becomes a valuable asset for any aspiring IT professional.

Take the leap towards a successful and fulfilling career in the digital commerce realm with SAP Hybris (Developer & Functional) Online Training by Multisoft Systems. Start your journey today and unlock the potential to shape the future of e-commerce.

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