IoT devices will grow by 8 times in 6 years; 5G to boost the ecosystem

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Internet of Things (IoT) is making headlines across the sphere; it is impacting our lifestyle in the workplaces and outside. This newly introduced technology, which represents the ecosystem of connected physical objects that are accessible through the internet. The ‘thing’ in IoT could be an automobile with built-in-sensors, i.e., objects that have been assigned an IP address or a person with a heart monitor. Blessed with a wide range of benefits, the Internet of Things will improve our personal and professional lives. Today we will be discussing some of the daily life benefits and future growth of this newly introduced technology.

How will the Internet of Things improve our lives?

  • IoT can connect devices embedded in various systems to the internet
  • IoT helps the companies in capturing more data from more sources
  • IoT ensures more ways of increasing efficiency and improving safety
  • IoT helps the organizations in improving performance through IoT Security and IoT analytics
  • IoT devices will give better connectivity to our homes and workplaces
  • IoT will turn our living areas into smart areas
  • IoT will enable us to get used to the Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT will help the robot manufacturing companies in offering robots with more security
  • IoT will help the self-driving cars to be driven automatically with built-in internet services
  • IoT will help the governments to build more smart cities

41.6 billion IoT devices will be generating 79.4 zettabytes of data for 8.1 billion people

In the future, cars will be blessed with built-in internet services and the ability to be driven automatically. Technology giant Google is already there as they have started testing autonomous driving. IoT connected devices will offer more convenience in shopping, such as making grocery lists, saving money, and getting discounts, to the consumers. Urban consumers often use their smartphones to communicate with IoT devices. A new forecast from IDC has estimated that the world will have more than 41 billion connected IoT devices or “things” by 2025. And the connected devices will be generating 79.4 zettabytes (ZB) data, which is almost 8 times higher than the current amount. As per IOT Analytics, the number of Internet of Things connected devices was 4.7 billion in 2016.

5G IoT devices will promise more privacy and security

Internet of Things is driven by a long-range of advancements and benefits, but it has some adverse effects too. The Cyber criminals will be using this ecosystem to break data security. It has become an essential job for us to prevent viruses and hackers from accessing personal data. The scientists are now trying to understand the security issues and working on the prevention of data security risk. So, it is expected that the matter will be addressed in the near future. As it promises greater speed and the ability to connect more smart devices simultaneously, the fifth-generation cellular wireless networks will fuel the growth of the IoT. 5G networks will gather the data accumulated by your smart devices and analyze to a higher degree. It will help the organizations to bring innovation in data analysis. 5G will also introduce a new layer of security by connecting more 5G IoT devices.


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