Java or .NET – Which 6 Months Project Based Industrial Training do I Choose?

There is a constant battle in the minds of fresh graduates as to which 6 months project based industrial training to choose. Do they go for the cross-platform and highly portable Java? Or do they choose the fast, efficient and secure .NET? There are different answers to this question and some of them could be based on perspective.

6 Months Project Based Industrial Training


Can these technologies be compared?
A high level view of these technologies will tell you that Java and .NET are slightly different in the context of usage. The former is a programming language, the latter is a framework. This means that the latter will support multiple programming languages including C#, VB.NET, and several others. A framework is a collection of ready-made features and functions. It is available at your fingertips in a jiffy. A deep analysis of these two technologies will only give you one answer – both are robust and can be used to build complex applications.

Now that.NET on cloud has come about, Windows platform developers can build .NET applications that can be deployed on the cloud. This technology is undergoing greater convergence and upgrades are being made to enhance its portability.

Which one’s got more future?
It is not easy to predict the future. But mastery in one programming language is enough to adapt to technological developments in the coming time. Importantly, for those who wish to become programmers, increasing their logical thinking ability and trying to become experts at algorithms will hold them in good stead. Moreover, it depends on the assignments offered at a company. For example, if you were in a services company as a Java developer, there could be a .NET project for a client. Will you not take it up? Or at least you could learn the technology to be prepared? The best way to start your journey would be to join a 6 months project based industrial training. From thereon, there’s no looking back.


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