Kronos Interview Questions and Answers

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Kronos is a web-based application which works on the basis of Vanderbilt’s electronic time and attendance system. It was designed to help the hourly staff to record worked hours and leaves with the use of electronic clocks. Kronos does not require any installation of software on a workstation for access Kronos. However, the KRONOS Certification Training is designed to educate the professionals who have to manage and track Paid time Off (PTO) balances, manage the working hours of the staffs, and increase data accuracy. Today we will discuss some questions that are essential for the aspirants of Kronos training.

How easily can I learn Kronos?

Yes, absolutely! You can learn Kronos easily if you are a part of the kronos project. It is a vast and progressive tool which keeps on changing. The main functionalities of kronos depend on its basic building block. You cannot learn if you don’t have experience to work on Kronos project.

What is Kronos training?

Kronos is a Time and Attendance and Leave Reporting System which is used to automate all timekeeping and leave reporting methods campus wide. The employees use it to track hours worked or leaves taken.

Can I log into Kronos from home?

Yes, absolutely you can access and watch Kronos at home. Do that by clicking the “Log On” button! You can simply log into your Kronos platform if you are using a computer. You must be happy to know that Kronos login is as simple as traveling to the specific URL affiliated with their company’s Kronos Timekeeper. It enables the employees to enter his/her designated login credentials. Hence, Kronos training certification enables him/her to enter the system immediately. 

How does Kronos approve payroll?

Go to the upper left corner of the timecard

Find out the drop-down arrow next to “Current Pay Period”

Is the set of information given here is correct?

If yes, select “More” in the upper middle section of the timecard

To apply your approval, select the “Approve” icon 

What is the server for Kronos? 

Https:// 5 is the server used for Kronos. Your mobile screen will appear as show below once the server is verified and the system is connected. Then you need to enter your Kronos username and password and click Log On. Kronos training will teach you other essential things of using this web-based application.

How do I check my Kronos payslip?

Navigate to the “Reference” section

Click on “Earnings History” to view your paycheck stub

Now you need to access the under My Information” section

Here you need to go “Labor Management” to add time and see timecard information

It is linked to Kronos Timekeeping even after the screens look different from each other 

How can I check my paycheck online?

Open your web browser and type

Go to ViewMyPaycheck and click on Sign Up

Sign up for an Intuit account

Enter your SSN and the net pay amount from your last paycheck issued by the company

Then you are supposed to click All Done!

Here you will need to follow the onscreen instructions.

Can I find my Kronos server?

Yes, you can find that at 5. Your Mobile login screen appears as show below after the server is verified and the system is connected. Now you are supposed to enter your Kronos username and password. Click Log On then.


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