Launch a Successful Project Management Career with CAPM Project Management Certification

CAPM® (Certified Associate in Project Management) is a project management certification for entry level project management practitioners. It is for those with little or no project management experience. This credential demonstrates a professional understanding of the fundamentals of project management. It includes knowledge of terminology, processes and such other basics. Taking up this certification is the step in the right direction to go to the next level.


Who can undertake this certification?

Project managers with less experience or professionals with no project management experience can take-up this credential. CAPM® demonstrates a person’s commitment to project management. It improves their ability to manage large projects, earn additional responsibilities and gain recognition from potential employers. To take up the CAPM® certification, a secondary degree (high school diploma or the global equivalent) is necessary. At least 1500 hours of project experience is required. If not, project management education in the form of CAPM® training of 23 hours should suffice to sit for the certification exam.

It is recommended that aspirants review the CAPM® handbook with the help of certified instructors of a project management training institute. After gaining some experience in project management, candidates can look towards taking up the PMP credential, which is the advanced version of CAPM®.

What are the outcomes of CAPM® training?

After training, a candidate develops multi-faceted skills.

  • Project initiation skills including project preparation and planning
  • Skills in execution, monitoring, control and completion of a project
  • Predicting activity costs and estimating them
  • Quality assurance planning
  • Recruitment, retention of project team
  • Continuous planning
  • Foreseeing and planning for ad hoc tasks and unexpected contingencies


Whether the intention is to become a project manager or change careers to project management, CAPM® is a good starting point. It provides instant recognition for professionals from the industry and is a valuable project management certification.


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