Launch Yourself into Evergreen Careers with Perl Programming Knowledge

Learning Perl programming has so many uses that it is hard to deny that this programming language is an important one for any developer. It has its applications in bio-informatics, databases, e-mail handling, games & multimedia, graphical user interface development, multi-tasking & networking, QA testing, telnet/SSH, system administration, text generation, text parsing, web automation, web & CGI programming, and XML manipulation.



Perl for Bioinformatics

BioPerl has been developed specifically for this domain. It is a collection of Perl modules which can be used to develop bioinformatics applications. BioPerl has been an important factor in the Human Genome Project. Supported by the Open Bioinformatics Foundation, it is an open source software project. Using BioPerl, developers can access nucleotide and peptide sequence, transform database/file record formats, manipulate individual sequences, search for genes and genomic DNA structures etc.

Perl for integrated circuit design

Perl is used to implement logic in integrated circuits. For example in a FPGA design training, the hardware description language could be in Perl or combined with this programming language. ASIC chip automation involves the use of Perl scripts, which is considered an efficient technology in chip design.

Perl for development of rich graphical user interfaces

Perl provides extensive support for this activity in the form of GUI libraries. Some of them are namely wxPerl, Perl-Tk, Perl/Qt, gtk2-perl. All these GUI libraries are cross platform and open source. They can be used to build windows, menus, lists, text boxes, input boxes, and several other controls.

Career in Perl

Given the extensive use of Perl across so many industries, information technology areas, and chip manufacturing, current developers proficient in another technology can add on to their resume by learning this one. For those looking to specialize in this programming technology, have innumerable specialist opportunities as Perl programming experts in any type of industry.


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