Now robots evaluate, package the processed products in the food industries

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The demand for processed food items has been growing across the continents. It is driving the food sector, especially dairy and meat processing industries, in introducing robots. Many big-scale companies are investing money in increasing the flexibility and adaptability of the robots. Another group of food & beverage companies, that believes in continuous innovation, has been developing the robots with an advanced sensing system, enhanced repeatability, and high applicability. Hence, the market is likely to see significant growth in the coming decade.

The food robotics market is expected to reach $3.1 billion by 2025

The popularity of robotics training is increasing among the professionals of food processing and packaging industries. In adherence to market research done by Meticulous Research®, the food robotics market in the world is expected to worth $3.1 billion by the end of 2025. This market is driven by the growing demand for improved productivity, increasing food safety regulations, rising necessity of advanced food packaging, and willingness of reducing production cost. However, the ever-increasing investment from the food industries and low-cost robot production are also pushing the growth of the automation sector.

Why is the food & beverage sector introducing more robots?

  1. The robots can grade and inspect food quality
  2. The robots can identify and eliminate foreign material
  3. The robots can cut meat with 3D technology
  4. The robots can read bar codes and labels
  5. The robots can identify mislabeled products
  6. The robots can touch, smell, taste the manufactured products

Robots can smell food products

Food industry robots are blessed with advanced noses that are stronger than the human noses concerning the catching up capacity. These robots are designed to believe that every single order has a specific pattern. A Toronto-based bio-nano tech startup, OlfaGuard, is working on the development of an E-nose that can sniff out pathogens, like E. coli and Salmonella. It will help the processing and packaging companies in preventing food poisoning without involving any extra investment.

Robots can touch food products like humans

Stanford University research scientists have developed a glove that is blessed with high-tech sensing capabilities found in human skin. The scientists are now working on the development of a sensor that can touch a raspberry without damaging it. In the future, the robots will be able to detect a raspberry using touch and also pick it up. These things will visibly revolutionize the food industry.

Robots can measure the chemical composition of the food products

A research team at IBM has been working on developing an artificial intelligence tongue –Hypertaste, that can measure the chemical composition of processed food products. It will work via sensors and take less than a minute to do this evaluation. This new invention will help the food and beverage industries in verifying the origin of raw materials and identifying counterfeit products.

Get your anticipated job promotion with robotics training

If you wish to place your career in the safest track, the best option for you is to pursue a robotics training from a certified training institute. Noida is a reliable city in this regard. You can pursue a robotics training in Noida if you have a bachelor degree in Food Technology, Dairy Technology, Nutrition Biology, Beverage Technology, Bakery Engineering, and Packaging Technology, or any of the following streams.

  1. Food Science and Nutrition
  2. Microbial and Food Technology
  3. Food Engineering & Technology
  4. Food Systems and Management
  5. Food Safety and Biotechnology
  6. Food Safety, Hygiene and Management
  7. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  8. Food Security and Innovation
  9. Mechanical Engineering

The robots that have been designed for the food industries are ideal for various applications, including palletizing, pick and place, processing, and packaging. Modern robots can detect quality attributes of food, identify foreign material contaminants in the finished products. In addition, the food industry robots are also capable of research and development, which is doubtlessly a great plus. Enroll yourself to ant training institute and excel your career with a double-edged growth!

Prepare your children for future jobs

Not only the food sector, but the entire manufacturing sector is welcoming automation rapidly. Corporate training in robotics is getting global popularity among the working and non-working professionals. At the same time, robotics for kids is the other area, which is grabbing mass attention. If you are not completely aware of the future growth of the automation industry, you are suggested to do research. You will get many online journals which will help you in knowing the future prospects of this industry. Trust me, robotics and artificial intelligence will create some of the most lucrative jobs across the world. Don’t you want to prepare your kids for those jobs?

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