PDMS or SP3D? Which Piping Engineering Software is Your Next Skill?

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Piping design has become a major component of several industries, with pipe infrastructure contributing to total transactions in power plants, pharmaceutical firms, chemical plants, CNG/LPG plants, oil industries, and more. Pipe design engineers work to create an efficient plant design and construction, preparing route layouts & equipment specifications.

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Which software a piping engineer should learn?

The major concern for pipe engineering enthusiasts arise when they have to decide which software to learn, whether they go for SP3D or PDMS course. We, in detailed table below, discuss the differences between the two to help designers and engineers chose most specific software according to their needs.


PDMS – Plant Design Management System·         3D Design Software for plant design from Aveva Plant

·         Offers fully interactive, color-shaded design setting

·         Multiple designers can work alongside at a time on a project

·         Availability of positioning & selection of parametric components from a wide-ranging catalogue

·         Status Management function for visual highlighting & clear reporting of objects

·         Configurable integrity checking & Clash checking

·         Ability to re-use designs from existing incorporated components

·         PDMS database offers automatic, configurable generation of wide-ranging reports & drawings

·         Integrated .NET API & PML for system customization

·         Integration with all other AVEVA Plant™ interface products & applications


SP3D – SmartPlant 3D Design Software·         A product of Intergraph® Corporation·         Streamlined design process with rule-driven, data-centric solution

·         A comprehensive suite of software package to design a plant from start to finish.

·         Ease of installation & configuration.

·         Ability to re-use existing data, along with an optimized design process for increased productivity in lesser time.

·         3D visualization tool for to use the model as a graphical interface.

·         Better design capability with design sharing in real-time across disciplines.

·         Enhanced communication and reduced re-work leads to low-cost output.

·         Capability to keep the plant design as-built through the life cycle.

·         Integration with all other Intergraph products & other 3rd party applications.



For professionals looking to work in the evolving plant design industry across several industrial units, they can choose to opt for either of these courses as part of their Piping Engineering Course in Delhi, or wherever they live, according to their career projection.



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