Perfection made easier with CAD, CAM and Primavera Courses

In today’s competitive business world, it has become the need of the time to produce error free and timeless productions to stay ahead of competitors. The rising need of high quality products within short deadlines and competitive prices has led to an emergence of CAD/ CAM applications. CAD/ CAM courses are the evergreen branch of engineering that has aided designing right from the inception of the idea to aesthetical design and developing. CAD/ CAM courses have not only helped in conceptualization, but also came out as a handy tool for visualization and creating efficient outputs. One of the high rising course in civil engineering is Primavera, the acknowledged standard for Project Management.


CAD and its applications

CAD, acronym of Computer-Aided Designing is computerized creation, modifications, optimization and analysis of a design. It is being used in creating animations, special effects, and digital content creation. The main use of CAD is to produce 2D and 3D models that need to be converted into products later on.

Applications of CAD include:

  • Create curves, spaces, 2D and 3D spaces
  • Serve the designing needs of diversified industries including automotives, aerospace, shipbuilding and more
  • Advertisements and digital content creation
  • Animation and special effects
  • Accurate and precise photo simulations in various industries

CAM and its applications

Computer-Aided Manufacturing refers to the use of computer applications and technology to aid and automate the manufacturing processes.

Applications of CAM include:

  • Machine tool simulations
  • NC and CMM inspection programming
  • CAD model preparations
  • Designing concept logics in 2D and 3D
  • Assessing the performance and resources

Primavera and its applications

Primavera, a software from Oracle, is an acknowledged and renowned standard for efficient project management. Primavera professionals are capable of handling highly complex and multifaceted projects. The civil engineers and other professionals can attend a Primavera training to develop the skills of managing the different stages of projects efficiently. It helps gaining unparalleled monitoring and visualizing the project performance.

Application of Primavera:

  • Forecasting the project
  • Controlling the project lifecycle
  • Analyzing the alternative project plans
  • Allocating the resource
  • Tracking project performance

The scope of careers with CAD/ CAM training and Primavera training is ever growing and ever changing. These courses are not bound to a particular field of study now, instead being studied as a tool to stand out of the crowd. Be a complete package and boost your career growth.


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