PMP certified managers get 20% higher salary – is it true?

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Salary is one of the crucial factors associated with a course or training, and we certainly look into the monetary gains while choosing a certification training like project management. Project Management Institute (PMI) regularly conducts surveys in different countries to get a realistic view of the salary hikes after PMP certification. On an average, the professionals get 20% hike on their salaries. PMP is, however, a growing profession and offering a wide range of high-salaried jobs. You will also be delighted to know that most of the Fortune 500 companies are now only hiring PMP professionals.

Ten countries with the highest project manager salaries

Nearby 30,000 project managers from 29 different countries were surveyed in the seventh edition of the PMP salary survey. It gave some interesting facts, including the countries with the highest project manager salaries. As per the seventh edition of the PMP salary survey, the average salary for the PMP professionals is $92,000. The ninth edition of the concerned survey says PMP certified project managers get at least 20% higher salary compared to the non-certified managers. It is an impressive figure, right? Let’s have a look at the salary structures of highest PMP salary offering countries.

  1. Switzerland: $160,409
  2. Australia: $139,497
  3. Germany: $110,347
  4. The Netherlands: $109,775
  5. Belgium: $108,750
  6. Canada: $98,517
  7. United States: $105,000
  8. United Kingdom: $96,348
  9. New Zealand: $91,109
  10. Ireland: $101,635

The ninth survey covered 26,000 project managers in 34 countries, including 1,197 professionals from India. In general, a manager with PMP certification gets 12 to 15 lakh in India. The top job profiles that deliver maximum salary in India are Software Development Manager, IT Senior Project Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager, IT Project Manager, and Engineering Operations Manager.

Which are the key factors that influence salary?

Corporate training has become a necessity in today’s competitive and continuously changing job market. As per the official data published in 2013, there were 583,806 people worldwide who actively hold the PMP certification. The number is increasing on a yearly basis. Here are some key factors that influence the salary growth rate of certified managers.

  1. The size of the project undertaken
  2. The budget of the project
  3. The role or position of you are holding as a project manager
  4. The size of the team
  5. The number of years spent as a project manager
  6. The gender of the project manager
  7. The type of industry
  8. The location of the job

Not only the PMP salary survey, but also many reports say that the certification gives at least 20% salary growth to the professionals. To get the best results, you are suggested to be innovative in handling the team. Get risks, but these have to be calculated. Enroll yourself and get your PMP training in India, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada, or Belgium. It will teach you better techniques for project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closing.


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