PMP training will prepare your project managers for more prominent roles

The skill-set carried by your project managers is vital for your organization, no matter you are running a B2B business or B2C. We hope your project managers are doing great as they are ensuring the timely execution of the undergoing projects, but most probably their work efficiency and execution speed are not satisfactory for you. A simple yet globally acknowledged approach is needed to prepare your workforce, especially the managers, for more prominent roles. Conducting project management training is a highly recommended way to prepare those managers for roles like error elimination and improving accuracy.

Why is error elimination significant?

Error identification and elimination is one of the highly recommended secrets for pushing the growth curve of a business. You will be one step ahead every time your team eliminates an error from your manufacturing or supplying process. However, project management training could be the best possible way to teach them the tricks of error elimination. The development of project management skills may not just enhance their effectiveness in the workplace, but they can also significantly increase your value in the marketplace. It will nurture creativity, business acumen, and future relevant skill-sets in your workforce. The project management training will also prepare your managers for another essential factor behind never-ending business growth – the identification and elimination of critical errors. If you start identifying the critical errors, it will be easier for you to work on those errors. However, continuous elimination of errors is a crucial weapon to run a business with an enhanced output level compared to its previous state.

Nine general steps for identifying and eliminating the process errors

  1. Conduct a meeting with your managers
  2. Define a target that is agreeable by at least 75% of the managers
  3. Build a team and assign responsibilities to the team members
  4. Define some filter levels
  5. Take 75% time in identifying the errors
  6. Pass these errors through the defined filter levels
  7. Identify serious errors and work on finding possible solutions to every error
  8. List out the solutions as per calculated feasibility
  9. Work on these solutions one by one

What is the 75-25 error elimination rule? 

The 75-25 rule instructs us to invest 75% time in identifying an error and 25% time in eliminating it. Some business brands and corporate companies follow the 50:50 rule while some others follow the 25:75 rule. But we suggest following the 75-25 rule as it is likely to reduce the amount of overall time invested in eliminating the errors. Many corporate companies now prefer project management skills in their managerial recruitments, and that is pushing the training institutes in offering PMP corporate training to the working professionals. Certified training institutes believe in providing updated and industry-oriented course modules to the aspirants. These institutes hire their trainers based on domain knowledge, teaching experience, work dedication, and willingness to deliver. Besides, the certified institutes follow defined industry standards and charge nominal in training the professionals. PMP corporate training is ideal for all the decision-makers in the organization, not only for the project managers.


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