PMP® vs. PRINCE2®- What Exactly do you Need?

Being a certified professional is the most important criteria for placement these days. The scenario is the same for both IT and non-IT courses. Now in case an individual is interested in Project Management and has a work experience in this field, how does he or she choose a certfiication path for career growth? Is it better to select PMP® Training or enrol with PRINCE2® training? Through this blog, we shall seek answers to the same.

PMP®, ITIL and PRINCE2® are three major certifications that are categorised under Project Management.

It is awarded by the Project Management Institute It is awarded by Axelos, and so is ITIL. It outlines the method to manage projects
It measures the ability of a candidate to complete a project as per experience and understanding of project management It has a well defined methodology which lists in details the steps, templates and processes to be followed by a project so that it is delivered successfully in an environment
There are no clear roles here, except for project completion Roles and responsibilities of senior suppliers, project managers, financiers and senior users are clearly laid out
An individual needs to have experience in project management before joining this course An individual who takes up this course can be a fresher
It is project-oriented It is both project-oriented and process-oriented

The PMP® course is administered from USA, and now has become popular in both Europe and Asia. In contrast, UK is the most popular global market for PRINCE2®, which is just one of the many formats available for teaching and application of project management techniques.


What does the industry need?

You must conduct thorough research to know what is required in your industry before choosing one of the two certifications. In case of a specific industry sector, you will find that one of these certifications will be instrumental in boosting your chances of employability. In case, you wish to work in Australia, Netherlands, Germany and other European countries, PRINCE2® should be your choice. For working in the USA, PMP® is ideal. Know more through Project Management Training in India.


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