SAP Quality Management and managing warehouse product quality

One of the most important modules to control the quality of products is SAP QM (Quality Management). Other SAP software are important for running a warehouse efficiently and for ensuring the flow of products and services, but quality of products is efficiently handled by Quality Management. By getting trained under SAP Quality Management, participants get the chance to be responsible for quality of products.

Different businesses have a large number of warehouses for storage of goods. These goods could be food grains, electronic goods, wooden items and others. Management of quality at these warehouses can be quite a challenge. The SAP Quality Management platform is perfect for a warehouse and is very helpful in carrying out the inspection of materials and ensuring they are managed efficiently. Additionally, it also helps to keep a tab on the manufacturing operations.


What are the main components of SAP QM?

There are four main components of SAP QM, which help in maintaining high quality at all times. These are as follows:

  • Quality inspection
  • Reports
  • Inspection plan
  • Quality notification

During the training program, candidates are taught about each of these components in detail. Understanding all these components thoroughly and then working on them during live projects help in knowing Quality Management in SAP.

SAP QM is a part of the integrated SAP ERP system. The kind of management work which can be accomplished by QM are as follows:

Quality planning

  • Providing the basic data for QM
  • Planning for inspection

Quality control

  • Notifications on quality
  • QM Information System

Quality assurance

  • Providing quality certificates
  • Providing quality inspection

 The importance of reporting in SAP QM

There would be no use of monitoring quality through SAP QM if it would not have been possible to generate reports. The system generates comprehensive reports that can show how many times a particular material has appeared defective, and also the defects found in outbound deliveries. With the help of regular reports, one gets to know the areas where one’s company needs to mend itself.

More details on SAP QM can be obtained during a SAP Quality Management Training program, and the aspirants can efficiently learn and build their competency for working in the respective domain.


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