Smart Plant 3D (SP3D) Interview Questions & Answers

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Smart Plant 3D is the Next-Generation 3D Design Solution that Leverages Real-Time Concurrent Design, Rules, Relationships and Automation. This software solution is compulsory to design a plant and keep it as-built through its lifecycle. It has modified how the tactic plants are engineered and designed. Today we will be discussing the interview questions asked to the piping design professionals while getting any job.

Is S3D and SP3D the same?

Yes, these are 2 different names for the SmartPlant 3D software.

Is SP3D better than PDMS?

SmartPlant 3D software is blessed with better design capabilities across disciplines. It enables professionals to design in real time. However, the PDMS database enables professionals to generate reports & drawings automatically. It has the ability to reuse designs from existing incorporated components.

Is SmartPlant app free?

Yes, you can enjoy 3 months of free Premium Membership for SmartPlant 3D software on your smartphone. However, there is no cost for installing SmartPlant™ on the reader’s device. After these 3 months, you need to choose a further SmartPlant™ subscription.

What are Capacitance and Inductance?

Capacitance is the amount of charge stored inside a capacitor at a specific voltage given, whereas inductance is the property of a coil to resist any change in the electric current flowing through it.

What are the shapes of sp3d2?

There are five basic shapes of hybridisation and these are linear, trigonal planar, tetrahedral, trigonal bipyramidal, and octahedral.

What is the angle of SP3D?

SP3D hybridization is described by the VSEPR theory. It forms a trigonal bipyramid shape with 120° and 108° angles.

Is SmartPlant high in demand? 

Yes, it has been the leading 3D Piping Design Software Solution over the past few years. Trained professionals are recruited in energy plants, petrochemical plants, corporate buildings, pharmaceutical companies, water treatment facilities, and waste disposal plants. Apart from the job options, you will get up to 40% hike in your salary after earning the Smart Plant – 3D (SP3D) Admin Training.

What Is Drawing Entities?

A drawing is created using a no. of entities. A large no. of options are provided to draw the entities depending upon the requirements.

What Is Cad Software Package?

Auto CAD, CATIA, Iron CAD, Pro-E, Turbo CAD, Solid Edge, etc..

What is the Difference Between Drawing and Modeling?

Modeling three-dimensional solid features often begins with creating a two-dimensional sketch that defines a portion of the shape of your part. Sketching involves the creation of lines, arcs, circles, and dimensions. They are familiar steps to anyone who has created a drawing in a CAD product.


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