The growth story of Hadoop in 2020

Growth in every industry has led to an increasing demand for processing of big data. This data is being processed across several networks of computers and is often referred to as Big Data. Enterprises organise this data with the help of Apache Hadoop, which debuted nine years ago. Within the next five years, it is expected that more companies will switch to data-driven businesses and spearhead their growth with Hadoop.

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A recent forecast by Allied Market Research states that the global market value of Hadoop will be $50.2 billion by 2020. This open source framework will make enterprises leaner, faster and more efficient. Though there are stories in the industry about the slow adoption of Hadoop, its advantages still far outweigh its disadvantages. Candidates must feel motivated about bright scope for jobs obtained after Hadoop training.

Growth of Hadoop in the world

The Allied Market Research survey has also looked at the ways Hadoop will script its growth in different regions of the world. USA is expected to emerge as the leading market for Hadoop software, services and hardware in the field of revenue, while Asia-Pacific is touted to be having a compound annual growth for the region at 52.9%. Chinese data analytics market is likely to be responsible for this growth.

Trends in the Hadoop market

In the present year, it has so far been observed that Hadoop has failed to deliver adequate revenue. The development and growth of this software framework from 2012-15 was primarily financed by acquisition money, venture capital and R&D budgets. Hadoop talent is not cheap and the learning is also a steep one. Despite these reasons, many companies are looking to adopt Hadoop for its functionalities. Here are some interesting trends seen in the past few years:

  • There is a shift from butch processing towards online processing.
  • Use of MapReduce alternatives like Storm, Spark and DataTorrent.
  • Increased dissatisfaction with the gap present between demand for SQL-on-Hadoop and the current capabilities.
  • Deployment and in-house development of Hadoop.
  • IoT is expected to take up the Hadoop case.
  • Niche companies that lay emphasis on improving Hadoop functionality and features like user friendliness, governance and visualisation.

Areas of growth for Hadoop

Hadoop application software was able to generate its greatest revenue in 2013. As per the forecaster at Allied Market Research, the Hadoop packages software market is likely to grow at an annual pace of 63% in 2020. One of the reasons for this massive growth is the easy deployment of Hadoop clusters through packaged software, also resulting in fast integration of projects.

Storage led the way in 2013 from the revenue perspective. Many social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook add several terabytes every day, and have been doing so since launch. The volume of storage is expected to go northwards in the years to come.


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