The Key Benefits of Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Training

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Azure Virtual Desktop, formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop. A virtual desktop is a full desktop that runs on a remote server. It is a Microsoft Azure-based system for virtualizing its Windows operating systems, also provides virtualized desktops and applications in the cloud. This allows its users to securely access work applications and data from wherever they want and from any device. Azure VD enlarges the possibilities beyond any physical desktop screen in the office. Nowadays, many enterprises are leveraging virtual desktops which increase their popularity. With Azure VD, most of the work can be done remotely. Several companies are carving day-by-day that adapt to these changes and cutting costs with Azure Virtual Desktop. 


Microsoft AZ-140T00-A Training is ideally designed for the Azure Administrators, Virtual Desktop administrators, Azure Architects, Windows Virtual Desktop administrators, and Microsoft 365 Administrators. To pursue this course, you are supposed to carry a basic understanding of networking, virtualization, disaster recovery, identity, storage, resilience, and on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure technologies. It enables the employees to work from anywhere with these Azure Virtual Desktops. It provides a full desktop virtualization environment with any desktop which makes employees more productive and effective.


This newbie technology helps the companies to focus on users, apps, and OS images instead of hardware inventory and maintenance because Azure Virtual Desktop manages desktop infrastructure. Course AZ-140T00: Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop reduces the cost of the company by various means by reducing the physical presence. As the employee can do work with any device, no need to allow any individual desktop for every employee. Use Microsoft 365 licenses to access Azure VD and also pay the amount that you use only. Azure Firewall, Azure Sentinel, and Azure Security Center helps your Azure Virtual desktop secure from any unauthorized access and also reduce the chances of exposure. The implementation will help your team to work during outages by leveraging built-in Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup technologies.

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