Top 10 technical courses to elevate your career after graduation

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The world of technology is continuously evolving. So, you will always find something new and lucrative to add in your professional career. There is a group of graduates start their professional career with hefty earning, while the others continue their post-college education by picking up a technical course that is trendy and creating highly demanded professionals. Any such technology will keep you relevant, help you in coping with the cutting edge competition, and keep your career growing. Today we are going to help you with 15 technical courses that can help you to elevate your career after graduation. Let’s get into it without wasting much time.

Big Data Engineer Master’s Program

We have co-developed the Big Data Engineer Master’s Program with IBM. It is important6 for you if you want to earn a set of skills needed to succeed as a big data engineer. Under its banner, you can earn learn MongoDB database app, Apache Spark in Python programming language, or and Hadoop and Big Data frameworks.

Big Data Hadoop Architect Training Course

The Big Data Hadoop Architect training is ideal to help the graduates in understanding the fundamentals of the Trident extension to Apache Storm, describing the Query data using impala SQL, differentiating Hadoop and Apache Spark, defining Scala Classes concepts, and performing data management.

Salesforce® Administration Certification Training

It is perhaps the best course for you if you are a sales professional, working as an IT manager, or a fresh graduate who wishes to take admin career in Salesforce or become an IT manager within a few years. In its successful completion, you will be able to Define restriction on user logins and access rights, Manage user profiles and troubleshoot user login issues, Maintain data backup and import clean data, Create reports, build dashboards and present data with visual summarizes, and Set your company profile, activities, calendar, and configure Salesforce settings.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Training

Are you from commerce background? If yes, earning the Salesforce Sales Cloud Training could open your career and prepare you for a series of job options related to sales. It will give you in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce product lines and help you in understanding sales process along with all the factors influencing it. You will be able to determine market capabilities, collect data essential for successful deployment of Sales Cloud project, analyze customer requirement, and identify appropriate approach.

Salesforce Apex & Visualforce Controllers Training

Becoming a Salesforce professional could be the best decision of your lifetime, and we request you to prefer Salesforce Apex & Visualforce Controllers Classroom Training in this regard. You will be able to use Apex to send and receive email, develop custom code (Apex), understand the functionality and features of syntax of Apex, maintain the security implications in custom and standard controllers, create wizards to maintain a unified view state, and write Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) queries.

Big Data Analyst Master’s Program

Even though the Big Data Analyst training is ideal for Data Scientists, Analytics professionals, Project Managers, Research professionals, and software developers, you can earn it if you want to become a data professional. The world is turning data-centric and the data analytics professionals are high in demand. Through the classroom training, the professionals can learn programming languages like Python and R. It will prepare you to understand MapReduce, perform data management, and get in-depth knowledge of the basic concepts of Apache Storm and its architecture.

Data Science with R Training

We suggest you to earn this Data Science with R training if you want to Create functions and use control flow, Explore R data structures and syntaxes, Work with data, get summaries, and transform them to fit your needs, Read and write data from a local file to a cloud-hosted database, or Explore R language fundamentals such as basic syntax and variables. To pursue this, you need to know the basics of SQL and know the fundamentals of programming. A familiarity with the basic math and statistic concepts will definitely help you.

Data Science with Python

There is no set of prerequisites for the Data Science with Python training. It will help you in getting in-depth understanding of supervised learning and unsupervised learning models, prepare you perform scientific and technical computing using SciPy package, perform data analysis, and manipulate the use of data structures. You will also learn the techniques of extracting website data by performing web scraping using Python and the practices of using the matplotlib library of Python for data visualization. 

Data Scientist Master’s Program

We have also co-developed the Data Scientist Master’s Program with tech giant IBM. It will prepare the graduates to put their skills through a bunch of real-life projects, plus a capstone project, as a way to offer hands-on industry training.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning Advance Training 

Earn this Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning Advance Training if you want to learn how to create the environment for self driving car, understand the concepts behind AI and process of building the AI, know how it can be optimized so that the maximum potential could be obtained, or earn handsome salary in your job. This course is designed to develop essential insights of data among the aspirants.


About the Author: Rajib Kar, a highly experienced IT professional, is a technical content developer at Multisoft Systems. He loves to write about the recent developments, career benefits, and future trends of corporate courses.


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