Top 15 Cobit 5 Interview Questions & Answers in 2022

Professionals and expert trainers from Multisoft systems are providing you the important questions and answers that might be asked when you face a COBIT Interview. These questions and answers will help you for the preparation of the interview. Questions are relevant to COBIT 5 and their applications.

  1. What is COBIT and what does it stand for?

COBIT stands for Control objectives for Information Technology are uniquely created by ISACA to govern and manage the IT services.

  1. What is ISACA and what does it stand for?

ISACA stands for Information Systems Audit and Control Association is a worldwide public association that builds, implement practices and knowledge which are used for Information systems globally.

  1. What is COBIT used for?

COBIT is widely used by the professionals who have some responsibilities about the processes of the work flow in the business and its technology. The information should be relevant, reliable and have quality and control over the information and as well as of technology.

  1. Why was COBIT 5 developed?

COBIT 5 was developed for various reasons, some of them are:

  • There was a need of business system which can covers the comprehensive functions of IT and business
  • There was an essential requirement for the organization and dissemination of the information which was concerned with the framework
  • There was a requirement to integrate COBIT with other frameworks, recommendations and researches of ISACA
  1. What are the certain components which are included in COBIT?

The components included in COBIT are:

Framework: In this component, the basic thing is to plan the best approaches and governance of information technology by its processes and domain and also link them to the need of the business.

Process descriptions & Control objectives: In this component, there is list of requirement which are measured by the management effective control of several processes of IT

Management guidelines and maturity models: The maturity models measure the maturity and the abilities and address redressal concerning any gaps.



  1. What are the different versions of COBIT?

The different versions of COBIT are:

  • COBIT: It was the first one
  • COBIT 2
  • COBIT 3
  • COBIT 4
  • COBIT 4.1
  • COBIT 5: It is the latest version
  1. What is the entailment of implementing of the NIST Cyber security using the COBIT 5?

It will be governed by the management and will be used as an asset which is reinforced by any of the business cases. COBIT 5 helps in a discourse the security and the management which is simple for understanding the security approaches

  1. Does COBIT 5 deals between management and governance?

It enables us to differentiate between the roles of the management and the board and to direct and track the objectives decisions and priorities relevant to IT.

  1. What does transition to COBIT5 involve?

There is publication which is developed to provide guidance regarding of what is required to be done to make the transition effective and smoother.

  1. What is the relationship between compliance and governance?

Governance:  It takes care about the laws and perspectives which are needed in the organization.

Compliance:  It is the consideration taken up by the organization to follow to governance in several manners.

  1. What is the problem with the security with the IT companies?

In most of the It companies, anyone who possess a little knowledge can access the data and information to the confidential property. Organization fails to recognize the data and there is not someone who monitor about what is downloading by whom.  So sorting of data would be preferred first that would be vital to address any loss in the data and its protection.

  1. Why is COBIT 5 important?

COBIT 5 is associated with most frameworks, standards and controls which incorporates ISO27001, ITIL, Prince 2, SOX, TOGAF and various others. It takes care of all the internal and external IT relevant services. In addition to this, it provides a systematic view of the management and governance of the IT organization which is based on enablers and their aggregate numbers.

  1. Why is COBIT 5 better than the COBIT 4 for the information security?

COBIT 5 is aimed to classify that security of the information is a prevalent enabler which disturbs the whole organization and not just one service.

  1. What are the differences between the COBIT 5 and COBIT 4.1?

COBIT 5 differentiates among management and governance. It also calls for several dimensions and inputs to the system of the governance. COBIT 5 also includes various frameworks that were developed by ISACA.

  1. Why one should use COBIT 5?

The framework offered by COBIT provides extreme benefits and scope unlike any other framework. It helps in keeping high level of information to provide the required support for any decisions with respect to business and it also helps in accomplishing the strategic set goals through innovative and effective usage of the IT. It also helps in achieving optimal cost of the technology and services provided by the IT.


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