Top 15 Iot Interview Questions And Answers

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If you are aiming to face IoT interview and looking for IoT interview question and answers, then you are at right place. There are numerous opportunities from various top organizations in the world.  You have an opportunity to get ahead in your career in IoT Development. Multisoft systems provide you the latest an advanced IoT Interview Questions and answers that will certainly help you to crack your interview and gain the job as IOT Developer.

  1. What is IOT?

IOT stands for Internet of things is a network of different physical devices by which software, electronics, etc. have network connectivity. With the help of this network connectivity, a smooth flow of information can be gathered.

  1. What are the important components that exist in the Internet of Things?

The important components of Internet of Things are:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Verbal exchange infrastructure

  1. Explain the role does the network play in the IoT?

Network plays a significant role in the internet of everything as it gives an intellectual, manageable and protected infrastructure for a superior execution. It is a key factor that brings all the systems together which the work combined and gives us better results.

  1. What is the Internet of everything?

Internet of everything is a medium for people connection, data exchange and process connection.

  1. What would be the impact of Internet of Things on the Job market, do you see any possible job cuts?

Frankly yes, we will see some job cuts where the machines will come in action in order to increase persistence and accuracy. But on the other side, people will learn some new things to operate the machines and make a space for them. It is the law of nature that we have something today for the work and after some months there is a new problem to face.

  1. What do you think the Internet of Things can completely replace the human mind and take its own decisions?

No, Internet of things cannot replace the human intellect when it is about taking decisions. It is developed to give a probability of something and provide an option to the people so that better and perfect decision can be taken but not up to that much where human mind is replaced with the machines.

  1. What are the different sectors where the Internet of Things can actually add value to the current processes?

Internet of Things can be implemented where accuracy, productivity and process enhancement are concerned. With using this technology better execution can be done in a fraction of the current operating cost. The sectors that are availing the benefits of Internet of Things:

  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Information development
  1. What is the biggest difference between Internet of Things and sensor businesses?

A sensor business does not require an active internet connection and can also perform without it. Whereas, IOT has control side related to it, which is essential to track, exchange the information from the sensor to the central unit within an active network.

  1. What is the difference between IIOT and IOT?
                               IIOT                                    IOT
It stands for Industrial Internet of Things It stands for Internet of Things
They use heavy machines something like the hardware used in aerospace and in defense where these devices. It is just done at a small scale level where there is no need to worry about life-threatening situations



  1. What are the risks and challenges that we should be aware of when it comes to the Internet of Everything?

The risks factors that are associated with IOT that we should be aware of are:

  • Privacy
  • Network congestion
  • Security
  • Electricity consumption at the peaks
  1. What is Bluegiga APX4 protocol for the Internet of Things (IOT)?

Bluegiga APX4 is the best solution which supports both the WiFI and BLE platform and it is based on 450MHz ARM9 processor.

  1. Name out some companies that are working on Internet of Things?

There is almost no organization who is not working on Internet of Things. All the organization across the world are availing the benefits of Internet of Things and making improvements to a level where their overall execution has reached to certain optimum level.

  1. Why the High-speed internet availability is a drawback in the Internet of Things development and implementation?

Yes, because it is one of the most important thing for the Internet of things to work efficiently and effectively.

  1. What are the effects of the Internet of Things will have on the human life?

The effects of the IOT are already happening and it will be more increased in future.

  • It is used in how we apply breaks
  • It is used in the parking slot machines and at the toll gates
  • It is used in how we can park our cars
  • Enhancement in Productivity because of automating the manufacturing process
  • Process-oriented have been completely made automatic where persistence is given highest priority.
  1. Why is Zigbee protocol so important for the Internet of Things implementation?

Zigbee protocol is well known for its minimum power consumption; it maintains IEEE 802.15.4(2003) standards while utilization.

  1. What does WSN stand for in Internet of Things concept?

WSN stands for Wireless Sensor Network is a network made by a wide assortment of sensor nodes where each node is versed with a sensor to find phenomena like light, pressure, heat, etc. It is considered as the foundation of IOT applications.

  1. Does Internet of Everything talk about CISCO based or IBM based architecture?

No, IOT doesn’t talk an any specific architecture and is not solely owned by Cisco and IBM

  1. Do you think Internet of Things is useful in everyday life?

Yes ofcourse, Internet of Things is very useful in daily life as it make life easier and give an opportunity to do something else rather than sticking up to the routine.


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