Top Benefits of Private Cloud and How Cloud Computing Professionals Help Organizations

The benefits of private cloud are enormous. Before a company transitions its processes, mission critical data, and applications to the cloud, it has some decisions to make. The prime concern is the infrastructure to use, how the applications are hosted and disbursed, and how data is secured. A cloud computing expert analyses the requirement. They develop a plan to use either private or public cloud infrastructure, or a hybrid model.


What is the difference between a private and public cloud service?

The private cloud service distributes data and applications for one organization. The public cloud service does it for multiple organizations. Some examples of public cloud services are Amazon Web Services, Sales Force Cloud, Google’s Cloud Platform. In a private cloud setup, companies use their own servers. They usually invoke the services of a third party to help them build this setup.

Organizations decide upon the criticality of their data and applications before going the private cloud way. Regulatory norms and data protection measures are taken into consideration as well. A simple example is to cite the case in financial or health services sectors. Organizations in these sectors may need to have robust and strong data-protection requirements.

How does a cloud computing professional help organizations?

Firstly, this person analyzes the applications landscape and data characteristics of an organization. The next process is to migrate these applications on secure servers with the right configuration. Factors such as high availability, data-protection mechanisms, speed and performance are implemented. The location of the servers is decided. It could be within the boundaries of the organization or outside of it.

Cloud computing is an emerging career stream. Those interested in careers in this IT discipline can take up a course, and get certified. The demand for cloud computing professionals is more than the supply. Considering these factors, those well-versed with deployment, configuration and maintenance of private cloud or public cloud, have a very good career to look forward.


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