Top Reasons Why Core Java Experts are Ideal BigData Hadoop Professionals

For those proficient in core Java, the chant of Hadoop in their ears is inevitable. Is Hadoop a natural choice for Java professionals? Gartner conducted a survey of more than 700 clients in 2013. Almost 60% of them were planning to invest in Big Data. The Big Data segment has crossed fifty million dollars already. The rise of Big Data has come for the simple reason that relational databases are ineffective to manage complex and voluminous data. The future belongs to data-driven intelligence and product innovation. So will Java developers ride this wave?


Hadoop is a natural and logical move forward for Java developers

To put it bluntly, Hadoop is written in Java. So it is natural for anyone skilled in Java to look in that direction. There are several inherent technologies to master in Hadoop. Some of them are namely Map Reduce, Apache Pig, Pig Latin etc. Those skilled in this programming platform can easily transfer their skills to start using Pig Latin using User Define Functions

Differentiating factor

There are tons of Java developers. But that does not mean the demand has waned. The industry needs more and more of them. For someone feeling oblivious, learning Hadoop can give them some identity! If that’s how they feel, although this is not true. More than gaining identity, it is about entering a technology that is fast growing.

Businesses are shifting to data-driven analytics

Business analytics is the fodder for new product ideas, change management, and business planning. Organizations are transition to business analytics because it makes business sense. Not because others are doing it. To stay competitive in this market, it is important to be intelligibly best. Data is a source for this vision. So anyone who thinks can add value to businesses can take-up core Java training, and turn into a Java developer, or get advanced Hadoop training and turn into data scientist.

Higher remuneration

Because this is an emerging technology, there is a dearth of professionals. The demand outstrips supply. The demand is not localized. It is all over the world. There is requirement in every type of company, sector, industry. Every organisation wants data-driven intelligence. So it is virtue of this fact that BigData Hadoop developers get higher remuneration. Some are in a more comfortable position. They get to choose the salary and the company! To get into this position, any aspirant should start off with core Java training.


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