Understand the key benefits of AngularJS with AngularJS training

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AngularJS is the most preferred JavaScript framework that has gained immense popularity in the IT market in a very short time. Built on MVC architecture, it is the easiest testing process for the better experience of developers.  It facilitates the developers to create the website responsive and dynamic. As it can synchronize with model and views, it is very use for web developers to use AngularJS development. Student can enroll AngularJS training to learn the concept of AngularJS development. Below are the reasons of the popularity of AngularJS:

  • TypeScript Compatible: TypeScript is the feature of Java Script and you don’t require to go through big rewrite to migrate it. It enables you to develop an innovative functionality and also helps fixing bugs during the transition.
  • Feature rich CLI (command-line interface): Angular has CLI feature that makes it very simple to develop an application that already works.
  • Unit test friendly: Testing is a very crucial part for long term maintainability to make sure that all the code is systematically tested. Unit testing is must for JavaScript applications as it prevents regression.
  • Community: Angular has a vast community with numerous open source libraries that enable a smooth development. There are various resources like Gitter where one can communicate with other developers.
  • Platform agnostic: Angular is a platform agnostic framework, so you can also use additional like NativeScript framework to create mobile applications. Angular is also a great model-view-controller framework, which has been used to create popular single page applications where data and view are separated according to MVC pattern.
  • Maintenance: Angular provides a very simple and clear path for coding that helps to maintain the code easily.

AngularJS is the best framework for developing websites and individual who are aiming a career as web developer can go for the training program. AngularJS training in Noida provides you best training with real time scenarios under the guidance of industry specialists. Start your career as web developer as it always has a great scope.


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