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AngularJS, a powerful open-source JavaScript framework, is used for creating web- applications. Angular JS training under the mentorship of the industry experts will demonstrate how to build Single Page Application (SPA) projects. The participants will learn the effective ways of adding AngularJS to HTML attributes along with its fundamental concepts covering directives, filters, routers and more. The well-structured course content also encompasses the advanced topics including form validation, scope management, data binding, and much more. The learners will get hands-on exposure on implementing the concepts and making the applications more responsive to user actions.

Upon the completion of the Angular JS training course, you will imbibe the following skills:

  • Understand the JavaScript MVC Framework
  • Describe Dependency Injection
  • Create applications using directives, filters, and routes
  • Handle sharing of data between the controllers by using two way binding
  • Create and use customized directives and filters
  • Work on the usage of angular-ui, ng-grid, and angular-translate
  • Elucidate AngularJS directory structure, Node.js, and CURD operation using them
  • Create Rest API's
Target audience
  • Web Developers
  • Testing Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Software Architects
  • Aspirants willing to develop skills in creating SPA

Candidates with prior programming in any basic language and a sound understanding of web technologies such as HTML/HTML5, CSS, AJAX, and JavaScript can get the best out of this training.

1. Introduction to JavaScript MVC Framework & AngularJS

  • Introduction to AngularJS
  • Uses of AngularJS
  • Introduction to JavaScript MVC Framework
  • Write your first program in Angular JS
  • Comparison between JavaScript Frameworks

2. Dependency Injection and Controllers

  • Creating Controllers
  • Two Way Binding
  • Sharing data between Controllers
  • Inheritance
  • Dependency Injection

3. Route, Directive and Filters

  • Why use Routes
  • Creating Routes
  • Nested Routes
  • Directives
  • Filters
  • Creating Directives and Filters

4. Creating Custom Directives and Filters

  • Custom Directives
  • Why Custom Directives
  • Creating and Using Custom Directives
  • Custom Filters
  • Creating and Using Custom Filters

5. Third Party AngularJS Modules and Testing Angular

  • Modules & its necessities
  • Usage of angular-ui
  • Usage of ng-grid
  • Usage of angular-translate and Testing AngularJS

6. AngularJS with Node.js, Yeoman and Rest Exposure

  • Introduction to Node.js
  • Introduction to Yo Generator
  • Bower, Rest Exposure
  • Web Sockets and Push Notification

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