Understand the role CEH v10 in your career

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Ethical hacking is the method of validating and testing an IT system to find its weakness and assess its vulnerabilities. Organizations are hiring cyber security professionals to secure and check their online security systems so that they can overcome with the problems like data theft and fraud. Ethical hackers are also known as security analysts who identify potential threats and help mitigate the risk of a real cyber-attack. Ethical hacking training program is uniquely designed to help you understand the concepts of advanced methodologies that hackers actually use so you can better protect corporate infrastructure from data breaches. The training program will help you master the securing web servers, network packet analysis, malware threats, and advanced system penetration testing techniques to beat hackers at their own game. This CEH training program will help you:


  • Understand the techniques and methodology that hackers use to enter network systems
  • Gain In depth knowledge of nuances of trojans, backdoors and countermeasures
  • Sound understanding of firewalls, IDS, honeypots and wireless hacking
  • Become proficient in hacking concepts, writing virus codes, exploit writing & reverse engineering and corporate espionage,
  • Understand network packet analysis, Windows system administration using PowerShell, securing IIS & Apache web servers and hacking SQL and Oracle databases
  • Cover the latest developments in mobile and web technologies

The training program validates your security skill sets to shine in the information security domain. For Various IT departments, CEH certification is a mandatory qualification for security-related posts. The training course opens numerous gates of opportunities preparing you for a role as a computer network defense (CND) analyst, intrusion analyst, CND incident responder, CND infrastructure support, CND auditor, forensic analyst, security manager and other related high-profile roles. Since cybercrimes are growing each passing day, companies are in need of ethical hackers who could test their network or IT infrastructure to find possible vulnerabilities. Professionals who have done an CEH v10 in Noida can also work as freelancers for various clients and earn handsome packages.

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