Uses Of Hadoop In Different Industries

An abundance of different types of data along with Hadoop’s ability to process data at low costs is presenting several opportunities to Hadoop in different industries. For example, companies need to understand how customers buy various products and services. They need data for promotion of a brand or product. Today media companies, enterprises and agencies can store new types of data and retain information for customer loyalty and ROI. Know about use of Hadoop for confident advertising and promotion through Big Data Hadoop training.


Government agencies using Hadoop

Vast amounts of data are collected by different Government agencies. Big data technologies play a major role in public fields such as defense, cyber security, scientific research and intelligence. MapReduce gives cost-effective and scalable architecture used for situational analysis, real-time analysis and for providing organised information in different departments and agencies.

Financial services making use of Hadoop

Drastic changes are taking place in financial organisations of the world. Companies have realised that for them to survive in the market, they need to improve operational efficiencies, detect fraud swiftly and also manage risks. To achieve this, financial organisations are now moving towards big data technologies in order to reduce risks, identify dishonest traders and target their marketing campaigns towards customer segmentation. In this manner, overall customer satisfaction can be enhanced.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Unstructured data comprises of more than 80% of information in the healthcare industry. At the moment, this industry is expanding a rapid pace. The unorganised data includes doctor’s notes, lab results, various imaging reports, medical correspondence and output from medical devices. Such data is invaluable for the improvement of patient care and higher efficiency levels.

Retail industry     

The consumer is the king in today’s retail market. With the advent of online stores, customers can compare different products and make an informed choice. They can even share their reviews of retailers with other customers. MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop allows retailers to integrate and analyse a huge amount of online and offline customer data. Such data is inclusive of clickstream data, e-commerce transactions, point-of-sale (POS) systems and social media, which can all be entered into a central repository.

Manufacturing Systems

The primary jobs of manufacturing managers are three-fold: reduce costs, increase volume and enhance quality. Without the appropriate technologies, these goals may conflict with each other. As an example, how would it be possible to produce a better product at less cost without cutting edge technology? Hadoop can play roles in product analysis, which includes quality control, failure analysis, energy management, yield maximisation and supply chains. It can also store unstructured inventory data. With this at hand, manufacturers will be able to look into the supply chain history and create patterns based on a few months of data.

Telecom companies

Telecommunication companies often process millions of calls every second. Add to this services of web browsing, streaming music, movies and text messages, making it a substantial volume of data. The resulting rate of data growth can often be expensive to store or process. This rapid pace of telecommunication data growth requires efficient and scalable storage capacities, which are provided by Apace Hadoop.


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