Utility and benefits of Hadoop in industry

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Developers, data analysts and administrators can now work on a wide variety of Big Data. This is important because 77% of companies consider handling of Big Data as a top priority. Sorting and classification of this data is very important, and this is where Apache Hadoop comes in.


Big Data is large and complex data which cannot be processed through regular database management tools. Challenges here include capture, storage, search, sharing and visualisation. The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework capable of processing large data across networks of computers. It is open source in nature. The library is capable of scaling up from one server to thousands of machines, with each machine offering storage space and computation.

Applications on thousands of nodes can be run can be run on Hadoop, involving several terabytes. Even if there is node failure, Hadoop facilitates rapid data transfer. Such an approach brings down the chance of catastrophic failure, even if several nodes fail.

In Hadoop, one has to learn various tools. In-depth knowledge of tools and technologies in the Hadoop ecosystem need to be acquired. Skill, knowledge and hands-on experience are required for success in this field.

Within Hadoop, core technology for the efficient storage layer is HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System). This is designed to operate in low cost commodity hardware. HDFS gives high throughput access to application data and is best suited to large data sets. These large data sets are then broken down into smaller clusters.

Different types of Hadoop courses are available in the market. While some are instructor-led, there are others which are online. Such online courses offer the advantage of flexibility in learning. Depending on the candidate’s preference, an appropriate mode of training can be selected.

Initially Hadoop was born out a need to organise data generated from different media. Originally it was used for web indexing. Today Hadoop has come a long way and is present across a variety of industries. These include media and entertainment, government, information services, retail, finance and others that make use of data. To learn more, participate in Hadoop training today.


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