VHDL Programming – The Basic of System Programming

At first, I must tell the abbreviation of VHDLVery High-Speed Integrated Circuit (VHSIC) Hardware Description Language, is programming language used to describe the function of a logic circuit along with its data flow activities, and structure. Here, the function of hardware is to design a programmable logic device with a custom logic design.


Structure of VHDL Programming

VHDL program structure starts with ENTITY block, basically, we can say that the VHDL’s program format is based on the concept of BLOCKS, an ENTITY block is used to elaborate the interface of the design, and whereas, an interface is used to describe the input and output logical signal of the circuit being designed. The second essential part of program structure is the ARCHITECTURE block; it is used to elaborate the internal function of the design.


There are so many advantages of VHDL when it used for system design. VHDL also offers numerous benefits to the system level designer, some key advantages of VHDL are as follows: –

  1. It is a big advantage that now we can check and verify the behavior and design of synthesis tools before it comes into real hardware.
  2. VHDL allows reading the description of a parallel system.
  3. It is a multipurpose project, so technically being created a calculation block once, can be used in another programming after some modifications.
  4. It is a portable project, mans, the once completed an element base can be used on another element base.
  5. Standard language
  6. Fully expressive language
  7. Hierarchical
  8. Configurable
  9. Tool availability
  10. Consistency and completeness checks automatic
  11. Tight coupling to lower levels of design
  12. Supports hybrid modeling

Career: –

In the current situations there are many job sectors where one can start the career as a VHDL programmer.

  • IT industries
  • System design industries
  • System application or system software development organization
  • Hardware industries (deals in appliance)
  • ASIC design engineer

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