What makes Hadoop to be very successful in Big Data and Data Analytics?

As per the current market situation, top enterprises can stay in the competitive race only when the percentage of data refinement and usage of predictive analysis is higher in the business. Apache’s Hadoop software framework is budding and trending in the field of Big Data and data analytics. The software has stimulated a revolution in the economics of Big Data that many organizations have started to implement it to create in depth business insights. Aspirants who are interested in Hadoop, can enroll in Hadoop Training.

Early 2016 has witnessed many Hadoop implementations in a full production environment of top organizations. There are many factors that make Hadoop successful in the Big Data analytics and following are the notable factors.

With Hadoop, data analytics is performed economically

As Hadoop is an open source software, it provides cost effective methods for processing both structured and non-structured data. Due to this many organizations have moved to Hadoop than using the other expensive data warehousing techniques. With Hadoop it is possible for every organization to manage all the data-driven applications very easily with optimal time frame.


Hadoop is highly scalable and flexible platform

Hadoop helps to process large amount of data by storing and distributing it across many numbers of servers. These servers operate in parallel, enabling Hadoop to run lots of applications. This is the main reason for Hadoop being a scalable and flexible storage platform.

Hadoop helps to achieve advanced big data analytics

Handling unstructured data is a very complex task, however, Hadoop does that job easily, thus it gets the competitive advantage. Hence, users are now able to easily work with books, journals, audio records, videos, images etc. With the help of Hadoop, advanced big data analytics such as predictive models built by programmed machines, capturing real time data is achieved. Doing so will streamline big data analytics and give a greater level of satisfaction for every user.

Hadoop is really an interesting and high-level software that is easy to learn and practice. Aspirants who want to learn more about Hadoop and Big Data can register for the Big Data Hadoop Training in Noida.



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