Which software has more scope in piping designing, SP3D or PDMS?

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Plant Design Management System (PDMS)

Plant Design Management System (PDMS) software was developed by AVEVA for construction and engineering projects. PDMS Training imparts the knowledge of basic fundamentals, essential equipment, and components of piping design. This course is designed to develop analytical and designing skills to ensure that the system delivers the desired function. Go for this course for building proficiency in developing 3D designs for plants of different sizes! You will learn how to calculate the exact quantities of materials are going to use in any plant.  

Smart Plant 3D

SP3D or Smart Plant 3D is a 3D modeling software that is used in creating designs for petrochemical companies, power plants, water refineries, oil industries, gas industries, food industries, and beverage industries. Smart Plant – 3D (SP3D) Training is designed to give you a piece of in-depth knowledge on the installation and operation of this 3D modeling software. You will learn how to create Isometric drawing extraction, how to identify nozzle orientation, how to explore SP3D modeling software from Intergraph, and how to work on solid modeling and structure modeling.  


If we talk about PDMS vs SP3D, we get a long range of differences. PDMS database offers automatic, configurable generation of wide-ranging reports & drawings, whereas SP3D has the capability to keep the plant design as-built through the life cycle. With PDMS software, multiple designers can work at a time on a project. SP3D doesn’t allow for the same. It is an all-in-one software package to design a plant from start to finish. 


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