Why a Career with Hadoop is Definitely Going to Pay Off?

Enterprises all over the world are in need of strategies to handle their Big Data and there’s no hiding that fact. Hadoop which is an open source software framework used primarily for processing large volumes of data within distributed computing environment is gaining increasing importance among corporations. IT professionals from various corners of the globe are aiming for Hadoop Certification to enhance their tech skills and uplift their demand in the market. According to a report by Forbes in 2015, Big Data technology along with its associated technologies is expected to grow by 23.1 percent every year, making it a $ 48.6 billion industry by the year 2019.


Ways Through Which Hadoop Certification Proves Beneficial

There is an urgent need for Hadoop trained professionals with the data market looking promising with the progress of time. A Hadoop certification is an assurance of the fact that the individual is a reliable and able person to take care of data in an efficient manner. Some advantages of Hadoop certification has been discussed below:

  • One of the most significant advantages of a person with Hadoop certification is that he/she is in much more demand as compared to one who doesn’t have a certification.
  • Individuals with a certification in Hadoop enjoy better remuneration as compared to other people working in the same field.
  • The hands-on experience with Hadoop helps an individual to handle difficult jobs at the workspace with ease and expertise.
  • The Hadoop certification also turns out to be a great opportunity for those IT professionals willing to shift to a different domain.
  • The certification is a proof of the fact that the individual is well-aware of the latest Hadoop features and functionalities.

The Future is Promising

The best part about Hadoop is that, it allows companies to process tremendous volumes of data without any sort of compromises. This is certainly a big advantage for corporations looking to process as much data as possible and that too at a fast rate. Haddop is a Big Data tool that has been widely and it is expected to remain so over the coming years. Big Data Hadoop Training turns out to be a must for those aspiring to build a career in data analytics.


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