Why Programmers Stick to Java Despite the Availability of Various Programming Languages

IT professionals nowadays have the freedom to choose from a variety of programming languages. Though, there are lots of programming languages being used presently but, comparing them each other doesn’t seem to be a good idea. Java is one such programming language that has been in use for a long period of time and have made its presence felt over the years. There are Java Training Courses being offered by different institutions that can certainly help aspirants to get a good grip of the language.

Why Java is Preferred by Software Programmers

Be it in terms of programming level, popularity or job opportunities, Java definitely outscores other programming languages. Here are some of the reasons why it is favored so much by programmers:

Object Oriented Programming

The fact that, Java is based on OOP (Object Oriented Programming) is a major reason behind its huge popularity. Working with Java is not only easy, but it also makes the system, extensible, flexible and modular.

Top Notch Editors

Java is available with IDEs that are simply loved by programmers. The strong typing feature of Java enables quick notification regarding typing errors. Apart from that, programmers are also provided suggestions that help them to reformat their code with utmost ease.


Rich Toolset

Apart from its rich API, Java offers programmers with a variety of tools that help them with all types of tasks.

Its Presence is Almost Everywhere

Starting from large applications to Internet of Things (IoT), Java has extended its presence almost everywhere. With technology getting better and better every day, there will come a time when majority of applications in the future will run on Java.

Open Source Libraries

The open source libraries of Java ensure that it be run almost everywhere. It giants like Google, Apache and others have contributed significantly to expand the open source libraries of Java, which in turn, makes development cost-effective, faster and simpler.

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