Why you should learn KRONOS Workforce Dimensions?

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What is KRONOS Workforce Dimensions?

KRONOS Dimensions is a cloud-based solution and useful is in recording duration and attendance. Kronos Workforce Dimensions Training provides a real-time view into the Workforce, and this is how it maintains and increases employee productivity. This is a hands-on course which teaches how to install, configure, and validate KRONOS Workforce Dimensions.

Key Benefits of Kronos Training

KRONOS dimensions are no doubt one of the most promising choices when it comes to Workforce Management Systems. It is a cloud-based solution and is much more useful than just being a system that records duration and attendance. It organizes the whole crew. If you have a reliable internet connection, you can access it from anywhere. Very easy to use and can be accessed by the Employees easily. You will be kept well-informed of your business as it delivers real-time visibility into the workforce. Overall, it is a potent and adaptable workforce supervision tool that can revolutionize the way organizations regulate and administer their employees. It meets the distinct needs of your company. Here we go with the key benefits of KRONOS Training.

  • What are the core concepts of KRONOS Workforce Dimensions?
  • How to work with Security and Scheduling?
  • What is Cluster Maintenance?
  • How to install, configure, and validate KRONOS Workforce Dimensions?
  • How to work with Application Lifecycle Management?
  • What is KRONOS Workforce Dimensions Storage?

KRONOS dimensions arrange for leaves, automate the procedure of tracking employee working hours and can also compute payrolls. It saves money by digitalizing everything; as a result, the need for paperwork becomes zero. Also, it confirms that the employees are working as they are supposed to. You can customize KRONOS Dimensions as per the needs of one’s organization. It is very flexible and adapts to change rapidly. Anything which adapts to changes as quickly as these is always welcome in the modern world. Communication is often a problem in organisations and employers and employees at times face this, because a gap prevails.

KRONOS Dimensions procures a series of charts and reports that develops good communication between executives of the firm and its employees. These important documents can further be used to recognize a crisis and work out appropriate solutions. By tracking its employee hours and leaves, it helps assure subordination with State Laws and Federation.


Kronos Workforce Dimensions Training provides a real-time view into the Workforce, thus maintaining and increasing employee productivity. This information can further be used in taking useful decisions in the organizations.

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