Apache Storm Certification Training for Data Analyst Professionals

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Apache Storm training is ideal for the professionals, who want to flourish their career in Data Analytics; the training insight the candidates and make them well equipped with the intelligence on Data Volume, Data Evolution, Velocity of Data, MapReduce, and a lot more that will help the professional Data Analysts, Project Managers, Data Scientists, etc. This helps the professionals in the installation as well as in the configuration of the interface with Apache Storm.

Moreover, the data analytics professionals learn apache storm under the supervision of the expert trainers, who will help them to gain hands-on experience, which helps them in understanding  the fundamentals of the apache storm and implement it later while analyzing the data of the organization efficiently.


After completing the Apache Storm the dates would:

  • Develop expertise on the basic concepts of Apache Storm and its architecture as well.  
  • Grasp the concepts such as:  Ingesting and processing of real-time events with Storm
  • Plan the installation as well as  configuration with Apache Storm
  • Understand the fundamentals of the Trident extension to Apache Storm
  • Gain thorough understanding of Grouping & Data Insertion in Apache Storm
Target audience

The Apache Storm course is ideal for:

  • Analytics professionals
  • Data Scientists
  • IT developers and testers
  • Project Managers
  • Research professionals
  • Professionals and students aspirating for a Real time analytics career in the Big Data Hadoop
  • The candidates willing to join the Apache Storm training should have achieved experience in Java
  • They must know the basics of Linux or Unix based systems
  • They should know about the fundamentals of the data processing

1. Overview of Big Data

  • Big Data: An Overview
  • The objective of learning Big Data
  • What are Big data?
  • 3 Vs of Big Data
  • About Data Volume
  • The Data Sizes
  • The Velocity of Data
  • About the Variety of Data
  • The Data Evolution
  • Features of Big data
  • The Industry Examples
  • The Big data Analysis
  • What is Technology Comparison
  • Know the Apache Hadoop
  • HDFS
  • MapReduce
  • The Real Time Big data with examples
  • The Real Time Big data Tools
  • Zookeeper

2. Introduction to Storm

  • What is Apache Storm
  • What is the Uses of Storm?
  • What is a Stream?
  • The Industry use cases for STORM
  • About STORM Data Model
  • Describing the Storm Architecture
  • About the Storm Processes
  • The Sample Program
  • About the Storm Components
  • What is Storm Spout:
  • What is Storm Bolt?
  • The Storm Topology
  • The Examples of Storm
  • Serialization-Deserialization
  • How to Submit a Job to Storm
  • The Types of Topologies

3. Installation and Configuration

  • What are Storm Versions?
  • About the OS selection
  • Describing the Machine Selection
  • How to Prepare for Installation
  • Download Kafka
  • Download Storm
  • Installing Kafka Demonstrations
  • Setting Up Multi-node Storm Cluster

4. Storm Advanced Concepts

  • Defining the Storm Advanced Concepts
  • The Types of Spouts
  • About the Structure of Spout
  • The Structure of Bolt
  • The Stream Groupings
  • Reliable Processing in Storm
  • What are Ack and Fail?
  • Defining Ack Timeout
  • What is Anchoring?
  • The Topology Lifecycle
  • The Data Ingestion in Storm
  • Data Ingestion in Storm Example
  • Data Ingestion in Storm Check Output
  • Screen Shots for the Real Time Data Ingestion
  • Spout Definition
  • The definition of Bolt
  • Topology–Connecting Spout and Bolt
  • What is Wrapper Class?

5. Storm Interfaces

  • Introduction to the Storm Interfaces
  • The Java Interface to Storm
  • Compiling and running the Java interface to Storm (Demonstration)
  • About the Spout Interface
  • About the IRichSpout Methods
  • BaseRichSpout Methods
  • What is OutputFieldsDeclarer Interface?
  • Spout Definition Examples
  • About the Bolt Interface
  • The Irichbolt Methods
  • What are Baserichbolt Methods?
  • Ibasicbolt Methods
  • Bolt Interface Examples 1 & 2
  • The Topology Interface
  • TopologyBuilder Methods
  • What are BoltDeclarer Methods?
  • What are StormSubmitter Methods?
  • Examples of Topology Builder
  • Some Facts About Apache Kafka
  • The Kafka Data Mode
  • Facts About Apache Cassandra
  • The Real Time Data Analysis Platform
  • Kafka Interface to Storm
  • About Kafka Spout
  • The Kafka Spout Configuration
  • About Kafka Spout Schemes
  • Using Kafka Spout in Storm
  • Storm Interface to Cassandra
  • How to Insert or Update Cassandra
  • How to Set Up Cassandra Session
  • How to Insert or Update Data into Cassandra from Bolt?
  • The Kafka Storm Cassandra

6. Storm Trident

  • Storm Trident: An Overview
  • Introduction to Trident
  • About the Trident Data Model
  • Stateful Processing uses the Trident
  • What are the Operations in Trident?
  • About Trident State
  • About the Trident Topology
  • The Trident Spouts
  • Compiling and running the Trident spout (Demonstration)
  • The Fault-tolerance Levels
  • Pipelining
  • Exactly Once processing
  • The Spout Definition Example
  • The Trident Operation Example
  • About the Storing the Output Example
  • Topology Connecting Spout and Bolt
  • Topology Main Function
  • About the Wrapper class
  • The Trident Advantages

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