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Qlikview Developer Certification Training Course Overview

QlikView assists in providing an advantage and allows the complicated data to be used in an easier way. However, the software also lets the end-users to spend, less time on gathering and processing the data; because of time, efficiency, the users would be able to make the business more effective business decisions and that too on a quick note.

The Qlikview  training course lets the candidate:

  • Understand what is a QlikView Platform Overview.
  • Know the ethics of Scripting for a better business result.
  • Know all about representing the QlikView solutions by function, Loading the QVD file, Sort data in the list box properties.
  • Understand the benefits of Qlikview  usage for business, data security.
Target audience

The QlikView training course is suitable for the Business Analysts and Data Architects


The candidates should have knowledge of the basics of SQL and IT.

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Qlikview Developer Certification Training Course Content

1. Introduction to Qlikview Overview

  • Patented In-Memory Associative Technology-What, How and The Power of simplicity
  • Representing Qlikview Solutions by Function
  • Architecture Overview-Diff b/w server and publisher
  • Qlikview Platform Overview
  • Products Overview-Qlikview Developer, Server and Publisher
  • What can you do with Qlikview? The sum of Five Capabilities which make Qlikview Unique
  • 3 Kinds of Roles-Qlikview and the IT Pro, Qlikview and the Business Analyst/BI Developer, Qlikview and the Business User
  • Benefits of using Qlikview

2. Qlikview Desktop

  • Describe Table-Fields, Name
  • QVD File-Qlikview Data File
  • How to create qvd file-By only Qlikview Desktop
  • File Wizard: Options
  • File Wizard:Transforms
  • QVD only 90 MB, compress 90%, take GB of Data
  • Color in Qlikview and their relation to data Green-selected data, Gray-Non Associated, White-Associated. Power of Associatively
  • How Qlikview works

3. Object-Insert and Object Properties in Dashboard

  • Load QVD file
  • Internal Table View
  • Object-insert and object properties in dashboard
  • New search object
  • Associated data, non-associated data
  • Clear the selection-automatically and manually both type
  • Sort data in list box properties
  • Document properties
  • Create bar chart-in chart y axes-expression axes, x axes-dimension axes, chart properties
  • Group-2 types-Drill Down, Cyclic
  • Graph-Chart Properties
  • Setting-Variable overview-add variable
  • Input box properties
  • Load data from access database
  • Connections-2 types-ODBC, OLEDB
  • Use QlikView as reporting tool
  • Create select statement

4. File Wizard: Transform–Basic Transformation in Qlikview

  • Add data from CSV and Excel
  • File Wizard: Type
  • Quoting Types
  • File Wizard: Transform- Basic Transformation in Qlikview
  • Transformation Step
  • Conditional Delete
  • Fill Condition
  • Specify Row Condition
  • Unwrap Function
  • Rotate Function
  • Difference b/w Transpose and Left
  • File Wizard: Script
  • Inline Table-create inline table
  • Internal Table View
  • Dashboard Background-3 Regions
  • Document Properties-General, Opening, Sheets, Server, Scheduler, Variables, Security, Triggers, Groups, Tables, Sort, Presentation, Number, Scrambling, Extensions, Font, Layout, Caption
  • Chart Properties
  • Format Painter Tool
  • List Box Properties
  • User Preferences-General, Save, Editor, Design, Objects, Font, Expert, Printing, Mail, Locations,Security-Macro, License
  • Tools-Alert
  • Sheet Properties
  • Expression Overview
  • Objects-Current Selection Box, New Statistics Box, New Button Object

5. Create Select Statement

  • Connection String
  • Select Statement: Create select statement
  • Problem Discussion
  • Fact Table-Explain
  • Load Statement

6. Dashboard Sheet

  • Dashboard created based on 3 principles-DAR
  • Dashboard Sheet
  • Analysis Sheet, Analysis Report
  • Sheet Properties
  • Object-Create Analysis Chart, Chart Properties, Minimize Chart
  • Object-Container-new container, container properties, container types
  • Linked Objects
  • List Box Properties
  • Different types of Chart–Scatter Chart, Bubble Chart, Gray Chart, Line Chart, Bar
  • Chart, Pie Chart
  • Object-Text Object-New Text Object-Text Object Properties
  • Market Share
  • Dimension Limit Tab-new feature in version 11
  • New Input Box
  • Object-New Sheet Object-Bookmark Object
  • Report-Report Editor, Report Settin

7. Chart Properties & Scripting

  • Chart Properties
  • Different types of Chart-Radar Chart, Maco Chart, Grid Chart, Funnel Chart         
  • New Sheet Object-Chart-Block Chart
  • Load Statement-Load Inline-Inline Data Wizard
  • Match Function
  • Scripting
  • Load-Aircraft Group, Aircraft Type
  • Load-Aircraft Base File
  • Editing in Script
  • Internal Table View
  • Table-Aircraft Group Table, Aircraft Type Table

8. Security & Access Types

  • Security
  • Concept of Hidden Script, Create Hidden Script
  • Security Information-Section Access in Qlikview
  • Access types
  • Section types
  • Hidden Security, Types of Security
  • Inline Data Wizard, Load Inline Table
  • Section Access Script
  • Reduction in Data, Things to make Data Reduction work
  • Internal Table View
  • Best way to managing the section access & connection strings
  • Different Ways to declare variable
  • Master Calendar
  • Create singular master calendar table
  • Different ways to create master calendar, make a temp calendar
  • Period Field
  • Functions-DATE(), DATE#(), PEEK(), MonthStart(), AutoGenerate(), Quarter(), ceil(), Exists(), Aggregate,InternalMatch()
  • Create Aggregated Table
  • Transaction Table

9. Explain Table, Dimensions, Metrics & Pivot Table

  • Explain Table-Internal Match
  • How Qlikview Read Data from Table
  • Cross Table-3 Parameters-Qualifier Field, Attribute Field, Data Field
  • How to load a cross table
  • Explain-Internal Table View
  • Operational Metrics, List Box Color
  • Load Inline Function: Inline Data Wizard
  • Explain Dimension, Metrics, Pivot Table

10. Use of Temporary Tables & Explain Set Analysis Its Syntax and Why it is Used

  • Creation of new reports for users
  • How to implement set analysis
  • Explain the making of line chart
  • Explain set theory
  • Use of flight domestic foreign carriers
  • Explain flight type field
  • Search string to find domestic values
  • Use of excluded values

11. QMC, Server and Document Distribution

  • Discussion & Problem Solve
  • QMC-Qlikview Management Console
  • Qlikview Server
  • Document Distribution


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