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Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) helps professionals to set up their business process efficiently. The platform avails best practices relative to Business Process Modeling and its principles.

The BPMN training imparted by expert trainers at Multisoft Systems helps learners get acquainted with all the features and benefits of the platform, and how they can maximize them for reaching business goals. The Process Modeling Using BPMN training helps them to learn and understand different concepts and fundamentals related to business processes, such as mapping the business problems, modeling of simple BPMN structures, and analysis of process models.

The learners, after completing the BPMN certification course, also learns about:

  • Using BPMN against complex business structures
  • Determining BPMN components to capture complex business structures
  • Clarifying the difference between process maps and process models
  • Identifying poor process models
Target audience
  • Database Administrators
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Modelers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Process Modelers

Basic knowledge and understanding of Data Analysis and Data Administration.

1: Introduction

  • Business process analysis
  • Benefits and challenges of the business process analysis
  • Use a technique to identify your stakeholders
  • What is Business Process Modeling?
  • Business Process Modeling Notation
  • How does BPMN apply?

2. What is BPI – Business Process Improvement?

3. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

4. Overview of Roles and Responsibilities and Governance

  • The importance of roles and responsibilities
  • Use a technique to identify your stakeholders
  • The importance of requirements communication

5. Mapping the Business Problem

  • Why we model process
  • Describe a business model
  • Determine the importance of understanding how process mapping is an important step to build process models of value

6. Modeling Simple BPMN Structures

  • What is captured when modeling processes
  • Understanding BPMN
  • Identify what is involved in gap analysis

7. Modeling Complex BPMN Structures

  • How to use BPMN against complex business structures
  • Determine other BPMN components that can be used to capture complex business structures

8. Analyzing Process Models

  • Identify poor process models
  • Determine the elements required for clear process models
  • Determine common errors that are made and how to avoid them

9. Process Mapping versus Process Modeling

  • The value of creating a process map before creating process models
  • Clarify the difference between process maps and process models

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