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Talend Certification Training aims to impart training on the concepts of Talend that helps the candidates in getting a better designation in the Big Data World. Through this Talend Certification training, the candidates can learn about using the open source Data Integration (DI) tool so that they would be able to build end-to-end ETL solutions. Moreover, the candidates would be able to understand the art of data integration Big Data skills and make the effective use of the tools.

After completing the Talend Certification Training, the candidates would be able to:

  • Develop the understanding on the ETL concepts and How to solve the real time business problems using talend.
  • Learn how to with Hadoop using talend and gain access to Talend as well.
  • Make an effective interaction with the types of source or target platform such as: Flat files (CSV, Fixed width), XML, Excel, Database, etc.
  • Get to know about the TOS for DI is your best logical decision in taking the next big leap into Big Data world.
  • Get introduced to the Talend Architecture and its various components.
  • Understand the ethics of playing within the Big Data environment (Hadoop). 
  • Get acquainted on the Talend tool  that automates the Data Integration/Data Analysis/Data Warehousing requirements.
Target Audience
  • Data Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Solution Architects​
  • Data Scientists
  • DW programmers

The candidates willing to opt for this course should have familiarity with Databases /SQL concepts.

1. Role of Open Source ETL Technologies in Big Data

  • About Talend corporation and their journey
  • Overviews on: TOS (Talend Open Studio) for Data Integration
  • TOS for Data Quality
  • TOS for Master Data Management
  • TOS for Big Data
  • ETL concepts
  • Data warehousing concepts

2. Talend: A Revolution in Big Data

  • Why Talend?
  • Features
  • Advantages
  • Talend Installation/System Requirements
  • GUI layout (designer)
  • Understanding it's Basic Features
  • Comparison with other market leader tools in ETL domain
  • Important areas in Talend Architecture: Project
  • Workspace
  • Job
  • Metadata
  • Propagation
  • Linking components

3. Talend: Read & Write various Types of Source/Target System

  • Data Source Connection
  • File as Source
  • Create meta data
  • Database as source
  • Create metadata
  • Using MySQL database (create tables, Insert, Update Data from talend)
  • Read and write into excel files, into multiple tabs
  • View data
  • How to capture log and navigate around basic errors
  • Role of tLogrow and how it makes developers life easy

4. Talend: How to Transform Your Business: Basic

  • Using Advanced components like: tMap, tJoin, tFilter, tSortRow, tAggregateRow, tReplicate, tSplit, Lookup, tRowGenerator

5. Talend: How to Transform Your Business: Advanced 1

  • Trigger (types) and Row Types
  • Context Variables (paramaterization)
  • Functions (basic to advanced functions to transform business rules such as string, date, mathematical etc.)
  • Accessing job level / component level information within the job

6. Talend: How to Transform Your Business: Advanced 2

  • Type Casting (convert datatypes among source-target platforms)
  • Looping components (like tLoop, tFor)
  • tFileList
  • tRunJob
  • How to schedule and run talend DI jobs externally (not in GUI)

7. Big Data Concepts: Required for Talend Big Data

  • How module 1 to 6 will help in understanding and performing hands on Talend for Big Data
  • How Big Data will never be this easy to learn and use

8. Introduction to Talend for Big Data

  • Big Data setup using Hortonworks Sandbox in your personal computer
  • Explaining the TOS for Big Data Environment

9. Hive in Talend for Big Data

  • How to create and access Hive tables in Talend
  • Process and Transform data from hive
  • Access data from Hive
  • Transform and interact with MySQL tables

10. Pig in Talend for Big Data and Project

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