Structural Analysis Computer System (SACS) Training

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Structural Analysis Computer System (SACS) training aims to provide intelligence on all new features of SACS. Through this SACS software training, the candidates would get introduced to the structural design of offshore platforms as well as the steel structure. Moreover, this course helps the candidates in paving their way for a better job opportunity in the CAD/CAM industry as a structural design offshore platform expert.

Structural Analysis Computer System (SACS) Course Objectives:
  • Understand the Platform Nomenclature
  • Learn how to use the Precede and Structural Wizard
  • Define the Member Code Check Properties
  • Understand how to set up the project, run files etc.
  • Learn about Precede, Data Generator and Editor
  • Learn about Data Extraction and Report Preparation
Structural Analysis Computer System (SACS) Course Target Audience

The course is ideal for civil or structural engineers, who deal with the structural design of offshore platform.


The candidates should have working experience in civil or architectural engineering to attend for this course.

Structural Analysis Computer System (SACS) Online Training
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Introduction to offshore structures

Introduction to SACS software & Program Capabilities

Modelling in SACS - Precede

  • Joint Modelling
  • Joint Fixity
  • Joint Design
  • Member Modelling
  • Member releases
  • Member Properties
  • Member group
  • Member Offsets
  • Modelling Wishbone
  • Modelling X brace
  • Loading


  • General Loading
    • Joint load
    • Member load
    • Inertia Load
    • Member area & Plate area Loads
    • Simulation of Non - modelled load (Anode, Walkway, stairs etc)
  • Environmental Loading
    • Wind Area
    • Wind Loads
    • Preliminary wave loading concepts
    • Hydrodynamic Coefficients
    • Wave & Current loadings
    • Marine growth Load
    • Corrosion allowance


  • Load Combination
  • Allowable stress modification factor
  • Unity check partition factor
  • Hydrostatic Collapse check
  • Code check
  • Boundary condition

Post Processing

  • Output listing file
  • Viewing result in 3D
  • Member review and redesign
  • Data extraction and Report Preparation

Joint can Analysis

  • Preparation of Joint can file
  • Interpretation of Joint can results

Gap Input file

  • Creation of Gap input file
  • Interpretation of results

Pile Soil Interaction

  • Creation of PSI input file
  • Interpretation of results

Pre -Service Analysis

  • Load out Analysis
  • Lift Analysis (Skew & Non Skew)
  • Transportation Analysis (For Deterministic sea state)
  • Launch Analysis
  • Floatation & Upending Analysis

Fatigue Analysis

  • Basic concepts of fatigue
  • Creation of fatigue input file
  • Interpretation of results

Seismic Analysis

  • Creation of Dynamic Input file
  • Interpretation of results

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