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SOLIDWORKS is a 3D CAD design software program that allows the manufacturing companies to improve their product development process, and SOLIDWORKS API is used to automate and customize the SOLIDWORKS software. Learning the functions of API helps professionals to automate design processes by reducing design time and eliminating potential errors.

We, Multisoft Systems, have exclusively designed the SOLIDWORKS API Fundamentals Training course to teach the participants the techniques of using the Visual Basic scripting language (VBA) in order to access the SOLIDWORKS’ features and functions. In its successful completion, the participants become proficient in using the SOLIDWORKS API to automate and customize SOLIDWORKS.

Upon the completion of this course, the candidates will be able to:

  • Work with the VBA programming language and the SOLIDWORKS API object model
  • Able to easily automate parts, assemblies and drone functions
  • Automate design processes by reducing design time and eliminating potential errors
Target Audience
  • A professional who is interested in learning the SOLIDWORKS API is eligible to pursue the SOLIDWORKS API Fundamentals Training.
  • The aspirants of the SOLIDWORKS API Fundamentals Training need to have basic knowledge of SOLIDWORKS Essentials and visual basic programming.

Module 1: Introduction

  • About This Course
  • Windows® XP
  • Use of Color
  • Getting Started
  • Macro Recording Tips

Module 2: Using the Macro Recorder

  • Macro Recording
  • Macro Toolbar
  • Understanding How Macro Code Works
  • Understanding How to Call Members on
  • API Interfaces
  • Passing Parameters
  • Cleaning Up Code
  • Adding Forms to a Macro

Module 3: The API Object Model

  • SOLIDWORKS API Object Model
  • Application Objects
  • Case Study: Connecting to New
  • Documents
  • Case Study: Connecting to Existing
  • Documents

Module 4: Setting System Options and Document Properties

  • User Preferences - System Options
  • User Preferences - Document
  • Properties
  • Locating the Correct APIs and
  • Enumeration Values
  • User Preference Tables For System
  • Options, Document Properties, and
  • Menu Items

Automating Part Design

  • Case Study: Automation Tool for Parts

Module 6: Assembly Automation

  • Case Study: Automation Tool for Assemblies

Module 7: Drawing Automation

  • Case Study: Automating Drawing Creation

Module 8: Selection and Traversal Techniques

  • Case Study: Programming With a
  • Selected Object
  • Case Study: Body and Face Traversal
  • Case Study: Feature Manager Traversal

Module 9: Adding Custom Properties and Attributes

  • Case Study: Custom Properties
  • Case Study: Configurations With
  • Custom Properties
  • Case Study: File Summary Information
  • Case Study: Document Attributes
  • The Attribute Objects
  • Case Study: Face Attributes


  • The API SDK
  • Case Study: Creating a VB.NET Add-In
  • Case Study: Creating a C# Add-In
  • Case Study: C++ Add-Ins
  • Choosing a Programming Language

Module 11: Customizing the SOLIDWORKS User Interface

  • Case Study: Customizing the UI With
  • VB.NET
  • Understanding the Add-in Code
  • Property Pages
  • Property Page Groups and Controls
  • Removing Menus and Toolbars
  • Other Areas of Customization

Module 12: Data Caching for Performance

  • Notifications
  • Notifications in VBA
  • Case Study: Simple Notification
  • Case Study: Using Notifications in .NET

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