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The OpenStack training aims to provide in-depth enlightenment on the procedure that helps in performing the break along with fixing the operations to the OpenStack environment. The OpenStack Course has been designed to throw light on troubleshoot and on the major services of OpenStack that helps in creating the private cloud for the organization using OpenStack. Moreover, the candidates would be able to learn about the integral services likewise: Nova, Cinder, Glance, Neutron, Horizon, Heat, Ceilometer, and Trove.

After completing OpenStack Certification Training, the candidates would be able to:

  • Understand the OpenStack environment
  • Understand the procedures of  using the services of OpenStack
  • Navigate the OpenStack architecture with both CLI and API functionalities
  • Make an effective implementation of various implementation techniques
  • Make an effective use of Nova, Neutron, Image and other OpenStack services
  • Learn how to perform OpenStack operations
  • Understand the procedure of working with interactive project around implementing OpenStack
Target Audience
  • Systems Administrators
  • Storage Administrators
  • Network Engineers
  • Technical and IT Professionals

The candidates should have knowledge of virtualization, Linux administration, use of SSH\SCP and the basic understanding of basic Command Line Interface.

1. Introduction of Visualization, Cloud and OpenStack

  • Understanding the virtualization concept
  • Relation between Virtualization and Cloud
  • Introduction to cloud and cloud concepts
  • Cloud and OpenStack
  • Deep Dive into OpenStack
  • OpenStack architecture and its service components

2. Keystone and Glance (OpenStack Authentication System and Image Service)

  • Keystone
    • Introducing OpenStack identity management
    • Identity concepts
    • Keystone - User Interaction
    • Role Mapping with keystone
    • End points interaction via keystone
  • Glance
    • Glance Overview
    • Glance components
    • OpenStack Glance architecture
    • Glance formats
    • Glance status flow
    • Image and Instances

3. Nova and Cinder (OpenStack Compute and Block Storage Service)

  • Nova
    • Introducing OpenStack compute services
    • Nova Components
    • Nova Packet Flow
    • KVM based Architecture
  • Cinder
    • Understanding Cinder (Block services)
    • Cinder services
    • Cinder Architecture
    • How cinder works
    • Manage volumes

4. Neutron (OpenStack Network Service)

  • Introduction to OpenStack networking
  • Neutron – Network Configuration
  • Neutron Components & Agents
  • Neutron Plugins
  • ML2
  • ML3 Plugins
  • Fixed and Floating IPs
  • Network Services – LBaaS
  • FwaaS
  • VPNaaS

5. Swift (OpenStack Object Storage Service)

  • Introducing Object Storage
  • Features and Benefits
  • Object Storage Characteristics
  • Swift Components
  • Swift Architecture
  • Cluster Architecture
  • Ring Builder
  • Swift Replications
  • Cinder Snapshots and Backups

6. Horizon (OpenStack dashboard Service)

  • Introducing OpenStack Dashboard
  • Horizon Design
  • Horizon Internals
  • Horizon – Key values

7. Heat and Ceilometer (OpenStack Orchestration and Billing Service)

  • Heat
    • Introducing Heat
    • Heat Architecture
    • Heat template
  • Ceilometer
    • Understanding Ceilometer
    • Purpose of Telemetry Service
    • Basic ceilometer architecture
    • Data collection
    • Data Retrieval
    • Heat and Ceilometer

8. Trove (OpenStack database as a Service)

  • Introducing Trove
  • Trove components
  • Trove Architecture

9. Troubleshooting  and Operator’s Guide (Documentation)

  • Real-time problem resolutions
  • Real-time operations of OpenStack environment
  • Bug/Issue tracking
  • Troubleshooting scenarios and resolutions

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