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Informatica, a powerful ETL (Extraction, Transformation & Load) tool, is widely used for enterprise data warehousing. Data Warehousing is a relational database, used for analysis purpose rather than transactional work. It contains data collected from multiple sources that is further transformed to fit the organizational needs. Informatica training helps the participants to get well versed in data warehousing concepts, ETL process, an online analytical processing (OLAP) engine, client analysis tools, and other applications that manage the process of gathering data and delivering it to business users.

Upon the completion of the Informatica course, the candidates will be able to do the following:

  • Understand Data warehouse concepts and its architecture
  • Describe OLAP and OLTP database
  • Familiarize with the concepts of Data mart, dimensional modeling, and data design model (star schema/snowflake schema)
  • Learn the features and usage of Primary key /surrogate key/unique key
  • Describe slowly changing dimension and its different types
  • Elucidate the concepts of Staging area and warehouse load
  • Work on normalization and denormalization
Target audience
  • Database Administrators
  • Java Developers
  • Support Engineers
  • Technical Administrators
  • Technical Consultants
  • Data Analysts
  • Experienced Business Users who have been working extensively in Data Warehousing
  • Professionals with familiarity in Informatica or other DWH tools and wish to further renew the skills

Candidates with basic knowledge of programming, RDBMS concepts, and sound analytical skills can undergo this training.

1. ETL Tool: Informatica 9.x.x/8.x.x/7.x.x 

  • Introduction to ETL process
  • Understanding of Power center
  • Informatica Architecture
  • Basic terms and concepts
  • Informatica Tools
  • Informatica Repository manager
  • Creating user and privileges
  • Defining Relational connection
  • Homogenous and Heterogeneous source concepts
  • Introduction to ETL process
  • Defining Sources
  • Creating Target definition
  • Mapping Designer
  • Mapplet Designer
  • Working with Mapping
  • UDF (User Defined Function)
  • Mapping parameter
  • Mapping Variables
  • Parameter File
  • Session
  • Tasks
  • Worklet
  • Link
  • Function and References
  • Workflow
  • Defining Connection

2. ETL Tool: Informatica 9.x.x/8.x.x/7.x.x  Transformation

  • Source Qualifier
  • Expression
  • Filter
  • Router
  • Joiner
  • Sequence Generator
  • Aggregator
  • Rank
  • SQL
  • Union
  • Update Strategy
  • Transaction Control
  • Connected Lookup
  • Unconnected Lookup
  • Stored procedure

3. ETL Tool: Informatica 9.x.x/8.x.x/7.x.x  Oracle (SQL/PL SQL) Conceps

  • Introduction to Oracle (SQL/ SQL&PL/SQL)
  • Joining Concepts
  • Sub queries and Correlated Queries
  • Interview Tips

4. ETL Tool: Informatica 9.x.x/8.x.x/7.x.x  UNIX Concepts

  • Introduction to UNIX
  • Basic command
  • Unix Interview question
  • Scenario Based question on Informatica/Unix/oracle

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