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MemSQL is a relational database management system that is known as one of the fastest-growing databases for columnar storage and analytical workloads. The Memsql 6.5 Administrator Training program is designed to teach the techniques of installing, designing, operating, maintaining, and monitoring a cluster with MemSQL and MemSQL Ops.

Multisoft Systems proudly delivers the Memsql 6.5 Administrator Training program to help the professionals in developing their skills, leadership credentials, and work expertise. Our MemSQL experts are highly trained and carry years of experience in this domain. They are making the use of the latest technologies and putting their best efforts in turning the aspirants into industry experts.

Upon the completion of this course, the candidates will be able to:

  • How to install, design, operate, maintain, and monitor a highly available cluster with MemSQL and MemSQL Ops.
  • How to operate MemSQL with MemSQL Ops
  • How to secure MemSQL and MemSQL Ops
  • How to work with the fundamental concepts for the distributed architecture of MemSQL
Target Audience
  • Operation engineers
  • Database administrators
  • The aspirants of the MEMSQL 6.5 ADMINISTRATOR Training Course are supposed to have previous experience with Linux, SQL, and relational database systems

Module 1: Introduction

  • Software Requirements
  • Verify SSH access to AWS EC2

Module 2: MemSQL Fundamentals for Administrators

  • Architecture Concepts
  • LAB: Configure your AWS EC2 host instances
  • Rowstore and Columnstore -- Rowstore
  • Rowstore and Columnstore -- Columnstore
  • LAB: Install MemSQL Manually (no MemSQL Ops)
  • Data Distribution
  • Distributed Joins
  • Reference Tables
  • LAB: Create the mycompany database
  • Designing a Cluster
  • Expanding a Cluster
  • Appendix: A Deeper Look into MemSQL's Columnstore implementation

Module 3: Installing MemSQL

  • Manual Installation
  • Installing MemSQL Ops
  • LAB: MemSQL Installation with MemSQL Ops
  • Advanced Installation Scenarios
  • LAB: MemSQL Installation with MemSQL Ops with the CLI no SSH

Module 4: MemSQL Ops

  • MemSQL Ops WebUI
  • MemSQL Ops Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Common Shell Scripts with MemSQL Ops
  • LAB: Multi-node SQL bash shell script

MModule 5: Securing MemSQL and MemSQL Ops

  • Securing MemSQL and MemSQL Ops
  • MemSQL Client to Custer and Node to Node Security
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Row Level Security
  • LAB: Cluster Security
  • LAB: Securing MemSQL Ops and all MemSQL nodes
  • Appendix: Setting the root user password

Module 6: Managing Upgrades

  • Upgrade MemSQL Ops
  • LAB: Upgrade MemSQL Ops
  • MemSQL Offline and Online Upgrade
  • LAB: Offline Upgrade

Module 7: Operating MemSQL

  • Transaction Models
  • High Availability
  • Cluster Replication
  • LAB: Snapshot
  • Backup and Restore
  • Failover and Recovery
  • LAB: Kill a Leaf
  • LAB: Manually promote partitions
  • Logging, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting
  • Appendix: Explain, Analyze, Profile
  • Appendix: MemSQL kill scenarios


  • Requirements for Certification
  • MemSQL Administrator Certification Exam
  • ORDER BY ASC - Onsite Training Survey

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