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Multisoft Systems, a prominent training and certification company, has become a lead name in the world of DevOps training. It is now offering Ansible Training to provide the knowledge required to automate the management and deployment of network devices across Linux or Windows with the use of Ansible in enterprise environments. You need to have a fundamental knowledge of Text Editor and Linux Command Line Operations. We also insist you carry a working experience in installing and configuring applications.

You will get an in-depth understanding of Ansible architecture, learn how to work with Jinja Templating, use Dynamic Inventory Use Case, separate code from data with the use of Jinja2 templates and variables, use facts in dependent Plays, create effective Ansible Playbooks, run ad-hoc commands, and solve use cases of Windows Using Ansible throughout this course. However, this course will give you an amazing opportunity to learn how to work with Ansible in real-time!

Ansible Course Objective
  • What are the basics of Linux and Python?
  • How to get disciplined with roles?
  • How to install and configure Ansible?
  • What is Jinja Templating? How to work with it?
  • How to get a good understanding of Ansible architecture?
  • How to resolve use Cases of Linux Environment Using Ansible?
  • How to solve use cases of Windows Using Ansible?
  • How to use Dynamic Inventory Use Case?
  • How to use Looping and Writing Conditional statements?
  • How to separate code from data with the use of Jinja2 templates and variables?
  • How to gather and use facts in dependent Plays?
  • How to run ad-hoc commands and playbooks, and automate tasks using Ansible?
  • How to organize code into a modular and reusable structure?
  • How to create effective Ansible Playbooks?
Ansible Online Training
  • Recorded Videos After Training
  • Digital Learning Material
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 24x7 After Training Support
Ansible Target Audience
  • Ansible Training is ideal for the developers who ensure consistent software delivery using automation, quality analysts who want to automate test environment setups, and system operations professionals who are interested to learn managing infrastructure at Scale.
Ansible Course Prerequisites
  • Basic knowledge of Text Editor
  • Fundamental knowledge of Linux Command Line Operations
  • Working experience in installing and configuring applications
Ansible Course Certification
  • Multisoft Systems will provide you with a training completion certificate after completing the Ansible Training.

Ansible Course Content

Module 1: Setting Up the Environment in AWS

  • Creating an Access Key for Ansible to access AWS portal through API
  • Setting Up that Access Key in Ansible
  • Why Boto?

Module 2: Machine Deployment (I hate Click Click)

  • A Playbook to do our job
  • Playbook Syntax
  • Running the playbook

Module 3: Automating Patch Deployment in Multiple Machines from different Distribution

  • Setting Up Keyless authentication between Master and Slave
  • Setting Up Key Based and User based Authentication
  • Adding hosts to Inventory
  • Writing Play to do our task
  • Conditional Statements to meet our needs

Module 4: Automating on Prem (Linux)

  • Setting Up the Environment
  • Installing Ansible
  • Setting Up Master and Slave
  • Setting Secure Authentication with user name and password/Keyless Auth
  • Creating multiple users in remote machine or AWS
  • Using loops
  • What if user details are in a different file, solving this use case as well
  • Using file lookups for some more inputs

Module 5: Automating on Prem (Windows)

  • Introducing Windows Subsystem for Linux
  • Setting up connectivity between Master and Slave
  • Running some basic commands

Module 6: Problem Statements

  • Sending Updates and Windows Patches
  • Will write roles for it
  • Application Installation but separating the machine types
  • Using Facts and Vars to achieve this through a Role
  • Set Up Users and Groups (AD)
  • Again, Use of Roles

Module 7: Securing Our Secrets

  • Setting Up Ansible Vault
  • Using Ansible Vault to secure AWS keys
  • Using Ansible Vault to secure Vars
  • Problem: Secure the Admin Creds of Machines in Inventory
  • Use Ansible Vault to secure the secret
  • Decrypt the key while running the playbook

Module 8: Getting Disciplined with Roles

  • Role Architecture
  • Different components of Role
  • Create your first role
  • Deploy a complete website and configure it using role
  • Deploy AWS machine using Role

Module 9: Automating Ansible playbooks with Jenkins

  • Configuring Jenkins Server and Agent Machine
  • Installing in Ubuntu 18.04
  • Setting up agent machine
  • Setting up Git Triggers

Configuring Secrets

  • Setup user credentials
  • Setup plugins in Jenkins

Configuring complete CI/CD for Ansible playbooks and roles

  • Testing the playbook before execution
  • Running the playbook
  • Setting up complete CI/CD process for testing and executing playbook or role

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