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ARM µP training lays emphasis on providing details about NXP’s ARM7 (LPC21xx ) processor. Training will be imparted on ARM microcontroller Development Board to equip the participants with the skills required y the embedded systems industry. The course curriculum broadly covers ARM7 architecture, instruction set, programming tools, and debugging techniques. Interfacing of IO device is also taught by keeping focus on different interfacing techniques such as I2C, SPI, ADC, DAC, and USB. Serial communication and hardware timer programming are also discussed.

Upon the completion of training, you will be inculcating the following skills:

  • Develop background for embedded systems
  • Differentiate between CISC and RISC processors, Von Neumann and hardware systems, processor and controllers
  • Understand about the concepts, architecture, and instruction set of ARM7
  • Provide an overview of difference between microprocessor and micro controller
  • Work on ARM processor programming including the debugging techniques (JTAG)
  • Implement external interfaces in various embedded system projects by using various interfacing techniques
  • Understand timer C programming and serial communication
Target audience
  • Students from third and fourth year of BE / B. Tech. courses (Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Electrical).
  • Professionals willing to understand or switch their working area to PIC microcomputer.

Candidates having knowledge of electronics fundamentals coupled with some programming experience are the ideal participants for this course.

1. Introduction to Embedded Systems

  • Definition for embedded System
  • Features of embedded system
  • Examples about present applications of embedded systems
  • Difference between CISC and RISC processors
  • Difference between Von Neumann and Hardware systems
  • Difference between processor and controllers
  • About compilers, cross compilers and IDE (brief information of all these things)

2. Basics of Microcontrollers

  • Introduction to Microcontrollers
  • 8/16/32 Bit Microcontrollers
  • General Architecture of Microcontrollers
  • Pin Configuration of Microcontrollers (Packages)

3. Introduction to ARM Processors

  • Introduction of ARM Processors
  • Evolution of ARM
  • 32 - bit Programming

4. ARM7 Architecture

  • ARM7 Architecture
  • Instruction Set Architecture
  • LPC21xx Description
  • Memories & Peripherals

5. ARM Processor Programming

  • ARM Processor Programming in C    
  • Using ARM Programming Tools
  • Debugging Techniques (JTAG)

6. I/O Device Interface and practical

  • Study of Input Output Devices
  • LED Display
  • Intelligent LCD Display
  • Stepper Motors and Types of Stepper Motors
  • Serial Communication Concepts
  • I2C Protocol
  • SPI Protocol
  • Practices on Boards

7. Advance I/O

  • ADC
  • USB
  • SD/MMC Card
  • GSM Module
  • Practices on Board

8. GPIO and hardware timers programming

  • PIN connect block description
  • PINSEL register description
  • IODIR, IOSET, IOCLR description
  • Style of coding for I/O
  • Timer registers descriptions (MR, TC, TCR etc)
  • Timer C programming
  • Generating 1 sec delay using hardware timers

9. Serial communication in ARM7

  • Serial communication introduction
  • UART0 and UART1 description
  • U0TH, URBR, U0LSR etc registers description
  • Sample code for receiving and transmitting

10. Creating Simple Embedded Operating System

  • Introduction to real time systems
  • Hard real time systems v/s  soft real time systems
  • Steps for creating tasks scheduler
  • Setting timer in FIQ interrupt mode

11. Project

  • Projects based on ARM processor

12. Conclusion

  • Latest trends in ARM Processor
  • Introduction to ARM9
  • Introduction to RTOS
  • Introduction to Embedded Linux on ARM
  • Introduction to Robotics

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